This is a horse racing backing service that comes with a betting bot included. It’s run by a chap called Mike Stanley and the tips are sent out by e-mail each morning for those that wish to place them manually. However, there are a large number of bets, and the idea is that with a large turnover a long term profit is attained because we are not relying on the ups and downs of individual bets.

Due to the number of bets required, it’s advisable to use the betting bot, which is what I did for the trial.

The bot is very easy to set up and can be run on a VPS, as I did, switched on and left indefinitely. The selections load up automatically each day and the bot will continue to bet on your Betfair account for you, day after day, without needing any further attention.

You simply set the amount you wish to stake and turn it on. It can also be run in ‘trial’ mode where it doesn’t bet with real money but logs the results as if it had. This is what I used for the trial.

I set the bot to bet at £10 level stakes and left it for 60 days.

The service uses three separate selection systems: Sandstorm, Pointsman and Bonanza. You can choose to use all of them, or individual systems if you prefer. For the trial I used all the systems.

On the positive side, the bot worked flawlessly, and there was nothing further for me to do from switching it on 60 days ago until now. Results are automatically logged and downloadable into a spreadsheet.

For this kind of betting, with a large turnover, a betting bank of at least 200 points is required as it can be a real roller coaster ride, as proved to be the case on this trial. Another reason why leaving it to the bot is a good idea, as it takes out the emotional strain inevitable with long losing runs and big wins.


Unfortunately, at the end of the 60 day trial, my bank ended up down by 23.52 points, or £235.20 at £10 stakes.

Based on these results, I would normally give this is failed rating, but I’m interested to see how this does over the longer term. This may have just been a dodgy couple of months and since it’s no effort to run the bot, I shall update this review in another 60 days.

For now I’ll give this a Neutral rating.Neutral

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