A cracking week jumps this service back into the black. No high odds winners, but several wins where more htan 1 point was staked.

There was a day this week where the selections were not available by the published “available by 10:30” deadline. I did give it an hour before assuming that there weren’t going to be any selections. I noticed the next day that the selections did eventually get posted, but too late; I try to run these as if I was betting the selections and I would have bailed out on the day if I was a real-money punter, so this day was unrecorded.

Week 10: Bets 21, Wins 8, Profit 17.55, BSP 26.13
Overall: Bets 242, Wins 73, Profit 3.75, BSP 27.91

This is the other Pro Betting Club service I am monitoring, and the subscription for this service also expires in 10 days. The next update will be after the subscription expires.