This is a one-off review of OddsCatcher. The reason for this is because I feel folks will get different results depending on when they look for selections, filters used and the odds they take leading to variable results.

This is an arbing service costing £27 per month or £270 for the year. You get the tried and tested Bet365 4/1 offer, Arb opportunities, Market Movers and back-to-lay opportunities. There are tutorial videos and PDF on how to configure the software and use the features.

Firstly, Arb Opportunities are dependent on the bookmakers you select and filters you deploy and vary through the day. I looked at the advice early evening and early morning. Non-Runners can generate advice through the afternoon, but this is infrequent. When you select an Arb a table comes up allowing you to select your stake and an OddsChecker style list of bookmakers and current odds, with the best odds highlighted. You then select the bets and another table comes up with the stakes calculated. The neat thing about this service is it remembers the bet and, later, you can put in the SP of the winner, hopefully adjusted for BOG, and the software adjusts your bookmaker balances (you have to set this up first though). An Accounts section quickly indicates accounts that need to be topped up and accounts in profit (more on this later).

Market Movers highlights selections highly likely to steam in giving a back-to-lay opportunity. The video warns you that the tipster for this service moves the market, so you have to act as soon as the advice is received as the price may have decayed in under 5 minutes. The advice is around tea-time, so I used this time to look for early Arb opportunities too. (CashMaster Edit: “Tea-time” is northern tongue for “around 6pm”). You can then lay this back on an exchange mid-morning. Again the software tracks your profits and adjusts the relevant balances.

Bet365 offer is well documented, so no need to reiterate that here, but again the software will track the profits and adjust the balances for you.

Finally back-to-lay opportunities. When a bookmaker is in profit you’ll want to withdraw some of the funds. If you simply withdraw your money your account will get flagged and possibly gubbed (limited or closed). Using the Back-to-Lay service, you can find horses which you hope will lose, reducing the bookmaker profits and increasing the exchange profits which you can withdraw without penalty. The software also maintains the balances for this.

Advice is given about how to delay your account from being gubbed, and the Arb tool rounds the stake to sensible values, i.e. £26 instead of £25.69 also to keep your head below the bookmaker’s radar.

In conclusion, a very neat service that tracks your profits and balances, and calculates your Arb stakes for you. In the week that I have been evaluating this service, Market Movers made £60 to £25 stakes and Arbs £33 also to £25 stakes. £93 in a week using modest stakes is not to be sniffed at. Remember that these bets are very low risk so you can user higher than normal stakes.

Very happy to approve this service.

You can get Oddscatcher here.