I’m going to be having a look at On The Nose Racing from Telegram Tips. It yields average monthly profits of £1,111 at £25 per point, but looking further into that, the recommended stakes vary according to confidence and can be up to 10 points, which is too much for me, especially starting out. So I’ll record results to suggested stakes, but also to BSP single stakes, for which this has also hitherto been profitable.

This is from the website:

Follow a True Pro

The brains behind On The Nose Racing is Darren, and let me tell you, this guy knows his stuff when it comes to betting. But what really matters is that Darren has got a winning system that keeps on delivering. 

Usually, Darren picks out his top bet of the day after scouring each race meeting, and he only sends out the strongest ones to members. There will never be more than two bets a day. 

You’ll get the info in the morning before the races, giving you plenty of time to place your bets. And it’s all straightforward – just simple win bets! 

Now’s your chance to tap into Darrens know-how and get in on the action. 

With his insights, you’ll be right in the mix, grabbing your slice of the £30 billion market, getting tips delivered straight to your phone every single day! 

You’ll have your own personal pro right at your fingertips, guiding you to the best horse racing bets of the day. 

So, there you go – a straightforward service with just one to two solid insider horse racing win bets every day.

I do like the results graphs and the strike rate (44%), so I’ll give it a go. You can jump on as well before my review at half the price if you fancy taking the risk. 

Check it out here