Frustration as Hatton led for most of round 4 but had to settle for joint third in the end. What was galling is that last week’s selection Webb Simpson won, and his injury seems to have healed up incredibly quickly. I wouldn’t mind the name of his physio.

What’s clear is with golf just about the only sport on American tv the PGA in conjunction with the tv networks are setting the courses up easy to ensure a birdie fest. Harbour town links and Colonial last week have featured no rough and soaking wet greens which means they have become putting contests.

Week 10: Bets 4, Wins 1, Profit 8 (£80.00), BSP 4.27 (£42.70)
Overall: Bets 61, Wins 7, Profit 85.1 (£851.00), BSP 40.98 (£409.80)