From WAP Tipsters, I am going to look at On The Tour, a golf betting service that costs £33 per month or £69 per quarter.

Early each week you get an email and WhatsApp (if you sign up) with the selections for the weekend’s golf. With golf, you are often backing at high odds, so you can have several weeks without a win, but hopefully each-way bets will be landed to keep the bank ticking over, and then BOOM!

I love golf betting, but only bet on the exchanges. To do this, where an each-way bet is advised, I’ll take Top 5 for the place if that is what the bookmakers are offering, otherwise Top 10. With Betfair you can’t match Top 7, Top 8 etc that the bookmakers offer. This does mean that Betfair places will return smaller profits. I record Betfair wins with 2% commission deducted. I use the odds in the email to record performance using bookmaker.

Two further things to note. A bet is recorded as win even if the golfer only placed so long as the overall profit is positive. Secondly, the Betfair prices are prices I take as the email comes in, you may get better or worse.

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