I shall be blogging this system as the Flat season progresses. As the name suggests, there will be one bet per day, it remains to be seen if it is a Good One. As it happens, the first of them today, wasn’t.

On signup, one receives two Word files plus a link to the website where the daily bets are given, plus a password/PIN. One of the files has the system rules and the other the previous results, which, predictably, are encouraging. Since the selections are available for the whole of the Flat until end September, it’s hardly necessary to read the system rules unless you are a keen student or a bit of a masochist. The selections are provided free in the £95 subscription for this season, what happens next year is not mentioned. Perhaps there will be a separate service…..

The system makes use of a slightly unusual bet, which we are assured the bookies don’t like, so that’s a good start. One is advised to place a total stake of £20 on the whole bet, though of course, one can vary this to suit. I won’t go into any more detail here because the heart of the system would quickly become obvious to the above student/masochist. The process of selecting the bets is the usual sifting through various of the Racing Post and similar services’ suggestions, though to do this would require a subscription or two. I shall rely purely on the selections provided.

Since the outcome isn’t just a simple win or lose, I will quote the P/L in terms of money won or lost. Today’s is easy.

Starting Bank £500.00
P/L -£20.00
Do the math.