I been asked to do a review of the Online Loopholes package by Ben Fathers and also, take a look at the quality and composition of information given out through a premium email service. I will open with a brief description of the package.

First off lets us be clear from the outset, Online Loopholes contains no unique information as such, and the information on how to begin Sports Arbitrage is freely available in the public domain.  However, what the vendor Ben Fathers has done is bring all the information one would need together into a slick business-like package making it easy to get started straight out of the box as it were.

To cut to the chase the bottom line for prospective purchasers is obviously can I make myself some money from Online Loopholes and with sports arbitrage?  The answer is certainly, yes one can.

The basic background information comes in the form of a comprehensive 56-page pdf and is written, unlike many, other offerings, in a good standard of English and is presented in a professional manner.

The purchase price is £77 and for this you get:

A Getting Started Guide

The main Online Loopholes 56 page pdf.

Link via a pdf to a Website for the Novices 12-Step Plan Of Attack.

An Autoforms Toolbar for Internet Explorer or Firefox.

Three calculators and a pdf helpguide to accompany them.

A spreadsheet to record bets and two pdf sheets one to record money transfers to and from accounts and the other to demonstrate how to record the bets placed.

Two bonus pdf guides one for Sports Arbitrage and one for Bingo and Casino.


Currently, there is the offer of three months of the Premium Email Service included in the initial £77 cost.

In addition the Online Loophole website also offers;

One year of unlimited email support

A weekly members Newsletter. I am not sure if the vendor acts as an affiliate to the reviews in the Newsletter though not being party to these myself.

The main product is covered by Clickbanks 60 day money back guarantee should anyone feel the package is ultimately, not for them.

There is a well set out index at the front of the main pdf as a starting point for the information therein.

The basic premise of Online Loopholes is to take advantage of bookmakers new customer sign up offers. The technique can be applied to any sporting event.
I would say that generally, most of these are in the £10 to £50 bracket.

In it’s simplest form, just two bets are placed to enable a profit to be made. With the Free Bet approach, the ideal scenario is for the Back bet to lose and a healthy profit is still made due to the nature of the two bets placed.

So, who exactly could benefit most from Online Loophole info? Who is it aimed at? As far as the free bets/sign up bonuses are concerned then it would be the complete novice/person with just a few or no betting accounts at all. The more experienced user could also find the reload bonus section useful and profitable. The main guide covers all one needs to know about both aspects of this betting method comprehensively.

The Premium Email Service supplies all the info needed to begin and to continue the bonuses but, normally at a cost of £27/month or £47/quarter. The email service, like the main method, is not essential to learn all one needs to know about this type of betting however a complete novice may find the service invaluable at the outset.

The first email arrives on a Monday with the details of the bets available and gives all of the odds and the bookies where the first round of bets can be placed. On the following Thursday of the same week another mail is dispatched with further details of where more free bets can be released for the risk free profits. The Thursday mails also attempt to clear the bonus offers at the second time of asking should the initial bet have not gone entirely as planned.

The mails are clear and concise making redemption of the bonuses easy and straightforward.

A float (starting bank) of £500-£1000 would be very useful to begin with although no advice as to the starting bank is given in advance. A decent sized bank would permit quite a number of offers to be performed simultaneously, although  this is certainly not essential and you could begin with £100-£200 and simply cherry pick the £10-£25 offers from the supplied email. In the first days mail that I received one would have required a starting bank of £1250 to do all of the nine offers split between the bookies and exchange and where the maximum Free bet value was just over £400, not a bad return.

A quick run through of the proposed bets reveals that somewhere in the region of £1400 in total is up for grabs with the Free Bet offers and depending on odds involved and, subject to wagering requirements,it is probable that one would see a significant portion of that. Whether, new cycles with more offers are introduced at a later stage is unknown, but there are many bookies that are not currently on the Online Loopholes list. Average odds were low in the first mail received so the potential liabilities on the smaller offers from the sign ups were also comparatively low also.

One example used in the guide requires a float £1900 in the exchange to cover one bonus bet for a risk free profit of £26, easy money yes, but one needs the large float in the first instance and you will need to build up to these sort of sums involved.

Further into the guide the use of the add on/reload offers is covered, however; one would need a significant float and a little more experience as the guide rightly points out.

There may be one area that needs to be addressed and that is the introduction by Betfair of it’s Premium charge of 20% which is not mentioned as the guide appears not to have had a major update for a while. This could in theory, have a significant affect when exploiting the addon/reload bonus method where you would likely to be in long-term profit at Betfair. This should at least be looked into asap to clear the situation up one-way or the other. There may be opportunities, almost surely, to use other exchanges instead.

Be mindful to pay careful attention to T&Cs as these can and do vary between bookmakers and for deposit and withdrawal methods and charges that there might be.

There is also nothing to stop anyone signing up a partner/friend/relative either and taking the offers over again, although the card addresses would generally have to be different to your own I believe.

Obviously the package price takes into account affiliate fees, this pushes the price up significantly plus there are charges £27/month or £47/quarter, outside of the current promotion, for two sets of emails per week. The calculators supplied, do as they are supposed to do, so, I have no complaints there.

The product does look to be efficiently optimised for affiliate income. This is obviously a reflection on many online sales generally.


The Online Loopholes package is just one way into extracting easy money from the bookies (and exchanges were applicable) but it is neither the only service available or the most cost effective, nonetheless for those who are completely new to matched betting may find the resources invaluable and the email support beneficial if over-pitched in price.

What I like/What I dislike………………………

It’s a Matched Betting for Dummies method in the kindest sense.

Clear, well-organised and professionally written information in one package.

Cost, my main gripe and a little churlish perhaps, with or without the current offer the initial purchase price and email service seems overpriced.

The Betfair Premium Charge issue needs mentioning also.

Surreptitious bookmaker affiliate links in the emails for the bets advised. Although I do find this a little irksome it extracts the maximum return from the product you can of course bypass the links. On the basis of cost alone I could not personally endorse the product, knowing the alternatives available.

A quick Google for matched betting would give prospective purchasers a more informed and rounded opinion as to the value of Online Loopholes and that really of course, should be the first port of call to anyone anyway.

Overall therefore I am impressed with the high professional standard of the presentation but unimpressed by the costs therein. Neutral for me.

You can get Online Loopholes here: