Sorry for the very short notice but I’ve just been asked by Guy Cohen to mention a live workshop he’s running in Miami on April 22nd.

I’m becoming a bit of a fan of Guy Cohen as we’ve reviewed both his Follow The Money and Flag Trader courses, both of which are top notch and something I’ve been using myself (I made 500 pips spread betting Amazon stock last week).

But Guy is also famous for his Options courses and OptionEasy is something I want to study myself too. He’s running a live two day workshop in Miami which I would love to go to but, sadly, won’t be able to get to. Fortunately, he’ll also be streaming the event live, no doubt with the ability to watch on demand, so I’ll certainly be taking that up.

I have to say; it does look to be a superb event, so if you live nearby or fancy an excuse for a ‘business trip’ to Miami then have a serious look at this. The bonus trade finder software alone looks like it could pay for the expenses in no time.

He’s offering a significant Early Bird discount which runs out at midnight tonight, so if you think you might be even slightly interested then have a look at it now.

Here’s the link: