Wow! Following my update on PIE on Thursday, there was a plethora of e-mails from previous students who have even more interesting stuff to add.

If you missed Thursdays update you can read it here:


Amongst the glowing testimonials from very happy ‘graduates’, there were e-mails from people that had taken the method and experimented with it on different markets and different time frames, and the results were stunning, to put it mildly. One chap explained that he was making 5% per month trading the DAX instead of the FTSE100 (That’s 60% per year!). Another chap e-mailed in, completely independently, to say he too was making massive gains on the DAX. There was someone else that had added another interesting twist to the method so that he was making the same monthly profits as the normal method, but was trading even further out of the market than we normally do.

It’s all really encouraging to see that not only are there so many people absolutely over the moon with learning this method, but that the method itself is flexible and robust enough to suit different trading styles.

Check out some of the testimonials received in the last couple of days:

“Hi Guys, Hope you’re both well? With your system I managed 16% in the first year, which I am very happy with. Thank you.”

Cheg 25/9/13

“First of all thanks a lot for the wonderful day we spent together last week. The atmosphere was very nice and training very good. I enjoyed it a lot.

Thank you so much Glynn for picking me up at hotel and dropping me at station in the evening. Since last week I have started to deeply dig into the strategy in order to try to fully handle it as soon as possible… The strategy looks really solid.”

Emeric 24/9/13

“Without a doubt your “PIE” system is the best trading method I have ever come across in all my years of trading. It is the one true system that actually works and makes me money. My day spent with you both back in April was and will continue to be life changing for me and my wife. I am up nearly 7% on my 10k bank and expect to be over 10% within the next month. I am not taking undue risks with my capital, which is great.”

Alan 26/9/13

“I attended the investment course back in November last year, I was on the same day as Barns who from what I read is doing very well.

As to trading through IB, I started small with £10000 and aimed for 1% per month. My profits are over £1600. I have only been trading since May as my funds were locked away and I had to wait for them to mature.

Overall it was a great day in Sheffield on the day of the course and I know my financial future is secure.”

John 26/9/13

“Hi Paul/Glynn,

I attended one of your PIE training days on 8th January this year. I am happily trading the system and would like to thank you both for a great and informative course.”

Tony 25/9/13

“I attended the course on safe options trading at the beginning of October last year and I found the course extremely stimulating.”

Douglas 25/9/13

As I’ve said before, this is without a doubt the BEST trading system I’ve ever come across (and I’ve seen a lot). It’s a one day course with no ongoing fees or subscriptions. You learn it once, and you’ve got an income for life. I’m certainly not worried about my retirement now. Ten minutes a month will see me earning more than most people working full time, and tax free too. Now that’s what I call a pension!

If you’re concerned about your financial future, it’s time to take control…

They are running another workshop in two weeks time. If you are interested then have a look at their website, give them a call, have a chat with them and ask any questions you like. There are six places left:


Paul Bent: 07407 780834
Glynn Calvert: 07905 906399