Price increase

I’ve just heard from Glynn and Paul over at PIE and they told me that they will be increasing the price of their training course by £500. You can still secure a place at the present price by reserving a place before the price increase.

The training will change your life and is still a bargain, even at the new price, but if you want to save £500 then you need act quickly.

Most people tend to put things off, even things they really know they should do, and never get around to doing anything in the end. Then they wonder why they are still in the same situation ten years down the line.

Don’t be one of those people. Take action now, spend a day learning how to spend the rest of your life making an income from the comfort of your own home in less than 10 minutes a month.

Check out the latest testimonials:

“Just to add to the success, I also trade the DAX. Since mid June my account now stands at over £5000 profit.

Can’t complain. Great little system. Keep up the good work.”

Matt 1/10/13

“I hope you and Glynn are both well. Following my training with you both in November last year, I went live in January this year. It is the best trading method without doubt. The feeling of regular profits being banked is superb, especially when we are refurbishing the house.

Thanks again for the training, the cost of the course was well worth it, and it was money well spent.”

Andy 29/9/13

“I wish yourself and Glynn well in your various endeavours. You are both people of great integrity and it has been a privilege to have met you both.”

Douglas 28/9/13

“When I first heard about the PIE trading course, I was quite sceptical of the claims made by Paul and Glynn. Surely returns of 30% pa were not possible with little or no risk? Well, I’m glad they proved me wrong! I’ve been trading for a few months now and about 5% up! The bank wont be seeing any more of my cash!
Thanks again to both of you for a great day and all the follow up support.”

Craig 28/9/13

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