Profitable Investment Education (PIE)

Almost exactly two years ago I was introduced to the PIE trading method, after taking a trip up to Sheffield to meet Glynn and Paul who devised it.

If you’re not already familiar with PIE, in a nutshell, it’s a trading method that enables you to make potentially huge amounts of money with extremely limited or next to no risk to your capital.

Like anyone would be, I was initially sceptical, but having learned the method and put it into practice it soon became clear that this was as close to the holy grail of trading you could get. It ticked all the right boxes for me… great returns, very limited exposure and, best of all, took less than ten minutes a month to implement.

In fact, it was this last point that really did it for me. I’ve tried quite a few trading systems and methods over the years, and most involved a fair amount of effort, chart watching, and worst of all… losing trades. Don’t get me wrong, there are some excellent trading systems available, and as long as you use good money management to offset the losing trades against the winners, you can make a good profit.

But sods law would generally dictate that when I found time to trade, I’d inevitably hit losing trades and frequently missed the good trades as I wasn’t around to get them on.

So when I discovered that you only needed ten minutes a month to trade PIE, you generally always made a profit, and your capital is protected far more than with traditional trading, it soon became my favourite trading system ever.

In fact, PIE is the only trading method I use now, and I see it as my pension when I retire.

So what sort of returns can you expect trading PIE?

Well that’s up to you but Glynn and Paul are very conservative in their approach. They want you to make a regular income without exposing yourself to unnecessary risk, and without having to constantly worry about what the markets are doing. They advise to aim for between 15%-25%pa.

I know… that’s incredible. But it’s true.

In my first full year trading the method, I made 22% return. It really did take less than ten minutes a month and my funds were never at risk.

Over the last year, Glynn and Paul have been building on the PIE method with various additional strategies that may appeal to different types of traders. I’ve been experimenting with a few of these techniques to see if it suits me better, as have a good many of the previous delegates.

Personally, as you know, I prefer to have a very low maintenance approach. So for me, one variation allows me to trade in an even more relaxed manner, giving up a little bit of profit. This way I can trade with a reasonably large bank, take a smaller return, but still make a great income and not even blink when the FTSE drops nearly 400 points in a week as we’ve seen recently.

Conversely, some traders want to adopt a more managed approach for a higher return, where they are prepared to take action should their positions become challenged, and some people are making quite staggering returns this way. One chap has made nearly 80%! Another, trading the DAX, is averaging around 60%pa.

PIE can now also be traded using a Spread Betting broker and I’ve been experimenting with this myself. The prices available are not as good as with the recommended broker, Interactive Brokers, and the method doesn’t work quite the same way, but you can trade with a much smaller bank and the margin requirements are much smaller too. I personally wouldn’t trade with a large bank using a Spread Betting company simply because you can’t control the risk the same way you can with a proper broker, but I’m keeping my smaller trades running anyway to see how it goes over the next year or so.

There has been some really phenomenal feedback about this course. Have a look at the website; there are new video testimonials on nearly every page of the site and some amazing written feedback on the testimonial page.

There’s even a video of Glynn in a rather fetching Dayglow green golf kit, but don’t let that put you off, with over thirty years experience in the financial markets he really knows his stuff.

This brings me on to my final point.

PIE trading is all about giving you freedom. Financial freedom often comes at the cost of your time, but with PIE you have your free time too. Both Paul and Glynn really do live the life many people can only dream of and they seem to be forever on holiday. Fortunately, I’ve managed to persuade them to try to take their holidays at different times so if you wish to have a chat with them, there is usually one or the other available to answer your questions.

Do give them a call. Their personal phone numbers are on the website and there is no hard sell when you call them, they will just answer any questions you might have.

They have released two training dates for 2014: 26th March and 23rd April.

If you want to learn a trading method that will provide you with an income for the rest of your life in only ten minutes a month, then make the trip to Sheffield. It could become a day that changes your life.

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