I have two important announcements regarding the PIE Training course.

PIE Training is, if you didn’t already know, the best training I have ever received and something that has set me up with an income for the rest of my life.

If you don’t currently have a secure financial future, and your pension pot is looking a bit ‘iffy’ then you really should take note of this before it’s too late.

But before anything else, have a look at the most recent testimonials from this month:

“Now is probably an appropriate time to give you an update of where I am with your trading system.

As you will be aware I attended your Sheffield based training course in March last year together with about nine other hopefuls. An enjoyable day was had and I returned home suitably impressed.

After spending a couple of days back at base studying carefully your well-presented manual, I felt sufficiently confident to open my brokerage account with Interactive Brokers. To be honest this was probably the most difficult bit of the whole exercise. But with aid of your notes and some telephone help from IB the account was opened and funded by early April. I then proceeded to paper trade and fully familiarise myself with their platform for the rest of the month.

By May I felt confident enough to place my first real trade for the June expiry and was pleased to make 1.27% or 15.24% annualised. Needless to say I was more than happy with that. Since then I have steadily transferred further funds to my trading account using cash that had been languishing in underperforming ISA’s and other deposit accounts which were probably producing about 1.75% per annum!

As you know there have been a couple of periods since May when trading conditions were a bit difficult and my positions were challenged on a few occasions. Even so I never made less than 1.06% monthly, with my best return being 1.81%.

I consider myself a very conservative trader and there is little doubt that had I wished I could have substantially improved on these figures.

I have now placed approximately 75% of my pension pot in the system and look forward to many more years of profitable trading.

Many thanks to you and Paul for developing the system and to Graham of Cash Masters for bringing it to my attention in the first instance.”

Brian 13/2/14

“I have been following the strategy of Glynn and Paul since July 2012, being one of their first few groups of students. I, like a fair view of their attendees I would imagine, have been up various blind alleys including all the usual suspects, such as forex trading in the pursuit of a meaningful return on capital. I paper traded as advised for the first 3 months to get a feel for the system and practice placing trades. In my first (cautious) year I returned just over 12%.

The system, which is very simple and straightforward, has since been expanded and refined to offer more opportunities to their Clients and as long you as you follow the rules your capital is not at risk.

Their strategy sounds too good to be true in a world of spin merchants and outright con men, but I would urge those on the fence to take the leap of faith required to earn several multiples of the derisory rates currently on offer in the market place.”

Chris 19/2/14

”I have been trading the P.I.E. system on my live I.B. account for 1 year and my capital has increased by 10%. I exited trades early on 2 separate occasions because I would not be able to monitor and trade the FTSE 100 through to the Options expiry date. My 1 year returns would have been 12% if I had been available to trade all year.

My demo account grew by 16% as I was able to experiment with different Option levels while I developed my confidence.

I am very pleased with P.I.E. to date. I am aged 65, a very cautious investor by nature, and preservation of capital is very important to me. I know that I can steadily grow my rates of return if I stick to the rules of P.I.E. and maintain personal discipline when trading.

I have found Paul and Glynn to be very genuine, helpful mentors who really want their P.I.E delegates to succeed. It makes a refreshing change in this day and age.”

Robin 19/2/14

“I have used the PIE system for over a year now and can honestly say it’s been the most rewarding even through very challenging market conditions. I can genuinely recommend both Paul and Glynn and their wonderful system, they are both the most honest and genuine chaps you’ll ever come across.

I managed to achieve 16% in my first year. Thank you guys.”

Cheg 11/2/14

There are an abundance of testimonials on their website, with video testimonials too, so make sure you check those out.

So the two important announcements today are as follows:

1) Home Study Course now available.

For the last two years, since Glynn and Paul have been providing this service, there have been a lot of people desperate to learn the method but unable to make the journey to Sheffield for the training. This has been for a variety of reasons, including living on the other side of the planet (not that that has stopped a few people!) and I know many of my readers have been waiting for some other way to learn the method that doesn’t involved going there in person.

The problem up to now has been finding a reliable way of delivering the content securely, without it being shared online, and they’ve come up with a remarkably simple yet effective solution.

If you wish to study the material at home, all you need to do is fill in the booking request form on their website, but enter “Home Study Course” in the appropriate field. Paul or Glynn will contact you with the Non-Disclosure Agreement for you to sign, as they do with all seminar delegates, and once that’s been signed and received together with the training fee, they will personalise the study materials with your name watermarked throughout the documents and send them to wherever you are in the world.

The fee is the same as for going on the day training course, as you are learning exactly the same method and receiving exactly the same information and will receive as much support as you need. Paul and Glynn will be available to speak directly on the phone (or via Skype if you live abroad) whenever you need them too.

2) Price increase.

It’s finally happened. Paul and Glynn have been talking about increasing the price of the training for some time now as they know this training is above and beyond ANYTHING available anywhere. There are training courses available that promise to teach you how to make a living from trading but they all involve spending hours staring at charts and/or risking large amounts of your own money second guessing which way the markets are going to move.

PIE is the only training course that teaches you how to make a substantial income from trading WITHOUT spending hours doing it (ten minutes a month!) and WITHOUT having to guess which way the market is going to move.

The price will increase as soon as the next two training days have sold out, and there are currently two spaces left for March and four for April. There are no further training days announced as yet but when they are they will be at the new price.

If you wish to take the training but can’t make either of these two dates then you can lock in the current price now by reserving a place at a future date and paying a small deposit. Just contact Paul or Glynn for details

3) Holidays

Yes, I said there were two announcements but it’s worth pointing this out as well…

As you know, the absolute beauty of this method is that it’s been designed to give you freedom. And not just financial freedom, but the freedom to enjoy your gains from trading. Both Paul and Glynn live the lifestyle they promote.

If you’ve ever had trouble getting hold of either of them, you’ll have realised just how many holidays they take each year! Honestly, Glynn spends more time in his fetching day glow golf outfit than he does in anything else and right now Paul is somewhere in South East Asia on a three week recce sampling the delights of the Orient.

They do this because they can, and you can do this too if that’s something you want. I have every intention of spending my retirement chasing the sun (and the stars) and I’m already in a position to do that now thanks to PIE.

So please direct any questions to Glynn at the moment, or fill out the online contact form and he’ll get back to you. He’s more than happy to chat on the phone if you have any questions whatsoever, no question is too silly.

So that’s it for today. I know a few of you have been sitting quietly in the sidelines watching this and waiting for feedback. Well, go and have a look on the testimonials page. I’ve never seen anything like it.

Full details available here: