After running the PIE trading system for two full years, I am even more enthusiastic about it now than I was when I first discovered this absolute gem.

If you’re a new reader and you don’t know what PIE is, then you can find out full details below, but suffice it to say that I’m often asked if I had to choose just ONE system or service over and above everything else I’ve tried or used over all these years, which one would it be?

It’s PIE.

And if you look at the testimonials on the site, you’ll see I’m not the only one saying this.

In a nutshell, PIE is a trading method that takes just 10 minutes a MONTH to operate but gives a return of between 15%-30% (or sometimes more!) on your money, and is virtually risk free.

I was so impressed after my first year that I actually sold some rental properties I had and piled the money into my brokers account because I am earning far more from this, with practically no hassle (and if you’ve ever rented out properties you’ll know what I mean by hassle!), whilst also keeping my money ‘liquid’ so that I can access it anytime.

And I’m not the first to do this either as I do know one other person that did the PIE trading course also sold up his property portfolio and switched over to PIE for exactly the same reason. More money, less hassle, and greater freedom.

So my second year has been eventful with me experimenting with slight variations on the strategy, including trying out different time frames, different markets and different brokers! In my main broker account, Interactive Brokers, I decided to trade with a much larger account and go for a smaller monthly percentage. It’s not that there is less ‘risk’ going for a smaller amount, it just means that there is less chance that I would have to react to big moves in the markets. So even with fairly substantial moves I generally do very little indeed and simply get paid every month.

I made just over 18% return in my second year at Interactive Brokers which I am more than happy with.

However, I also had a play with using a spread betting broker, GFT Markets, who now offer the same trading instruments as with IB (by request only). The advantage of using a spread betting firm is that the profits are tax free. The disadvantages though are that the prices on offer are not nearly as good as IB and, more importantly, the mechanism we use in PIE which enables us to trade virtually risk free, doesn’t work in quite the same way with a spread betting broker, so the margin requirements need to be managed in a different way. Still, it does come with a very neat iPad app which I can trade with and the returns have been very good indeed.

In six months at GFT I’ve turned a £7000 bank into £8359 which is 19.41%. If the next six months produce similar returns (and it looks likely) that will be nearly 40% return in one year. All for literally ten minutes a month placing a trade and the odd glance now and then at the FTSE or DAX to see where it’s at.

Two years ago I knew absolutely nothing about this type of trading. I spent a day with Glynn and Paul who showed me how to do this and I’ve never looked back.

If you’re looking for a passive income that pays out every month, like clockwork, for very little effort and absolute minimal risk to your funds, then now is your very last chance to get in at the discounted price.

There are two seats left on the April training course and whoever gets these seats will get a massive discount. You see, the PIE training course fees have now increased after two years at the same price. However, they don’t expect two people on the April course to pay more than everyone else there have paid, so anyone taking those two seats will get in at the old price.

That’s not to say that the new price is expensive. It’s not. For a one off investment in your future, you will be taught, personally, exactly how to trade this method and have an income for the rest of your life.

Whether you want to use it as a pension, or as an additional income, it’s up to you. The point is it only takes ten minutes a month to operate, so if you have a full time job, you can still use this. If you’re retired, you can use this and spend your days doing whatever you want. Enjoying your retirement!

If you have any questions whatsoever about this, please give Paul a call. His number is:

07407 780834

He’s not a salesman. He won’t try to sell you this training (he doesn’t need to!). He’ll just answer any questions you might have right there and then.

And do check out the testimonials. They are incredible.

Full details available here: