PIE Update

Eighteen months ago I got involved with PIE Trading which is to date the best, safest, and most lucrative trading method I’ve ever come across.

If you were on my mailing list you would have read how enthusiastic I was about it because it ticked all the right boxes for me… it was low risk, it had a phenomenal return on investment and, perhaps most important for me, it took up very little time.

PIE Trading is run by two gentlemen, Glynn Calvert and Paul Bent, who run one day masterclasses up in Sheffield teaching their method. It involves spending around 10 minutes a month trading in the Options market. This market is usually considered to be high risk due to the margins involved but Glynn, who has well over 30 years experience in the markets, developed a strategy that minimised or even negated this risk.

What this meant was that he was able to achieve a consistent and reliable 15%-25% return on his money, year in, year out without having to spend all day trading and without exposing himself to undue risk. In actual fact, up to 30% is not uncommon, depending on market conditions.

Anyone getting 3% from their bank, or losing money in their pension fund invested in stocks and shares, or earning 6%-10% from investment properties where they had to deal with repairs, dodgy tenants and having their money tied up for decades, could see the appeal.

I knew nothing at all about Options trading before doing the course, and in fact anyone doing the course needs no previous experience in trading at all.

I learned the method and began trading live in March 2012, and indeed achieved 22% in my first year. Interestingly, despite 2013 being a very difficult year for many traders, with the FTSE100 rising higher and faster than it has done in decades, I’ve continued to profit with this and still only have to spend around ten minutes a month on it.

I’ve also been looking at some of the latest testimonials they have received (see below), and it’s obvious that others are as happy with it as I am.

Now, the biggest stumbling block for a lot of people to get involved with this was the amount of money needed to run the method.

The recommended broker was Interactive Brokers and they have a £10,000 minimum deposit requirement. This is obviously not a problem for everyone that has attended the training, as most were looking for a way to get more out of their savings. But I did get a lot of e-mails from people that didn’t have £10,000 spare but would have loved to get involved.

Well, the good news is… now they can!

Paul and Glynn have persuaded a Spread Betting company to offer the same market with very, very similar prices available. Now, the spread betting company make their profit on the ‘spread’ so the prices are not quite as good as those available at Interactive Brokers BUT profits earned from spread betting are not subject to Capital Gains Tax (or any tax for that matter), which means although your profit is slightly less, it’s completely tax free, which effectively means more profit for you. There is no minimum deposit to open an account with the spread betting company, so you can paper trade the method until you are happy to use real funds, and even then you can run the method with as little as £2500.

They are running another workshop in two weeks time. If you are interested then have a look at their website, give them a call, have a chat with them and ask any questions you like. There are six places left:


Paul Bent: 07407 780834
Glynn Calvert: 07905 906399
Check out these recent testimonials:

Hi Glynn

As I mentioned in our telephone conversation yesterday, I managed to get 2% on my balance last month, which equates to more than £8,000 so, as you can imagine, I’m loving your system!

All the best.





I gave up my career as an accountant in the City back in 2000 in order to pursue my own dream of becoming financially independent and free of all the chains that being a member of the rat race entails. My aim was geared towards replacing my salary with a regular and consistent method. Since then, I have tried innumerable systems that for the most part just did not work. There were few successes along the way and when a system worked it was only temporary. After a while I decided that I would not chase subjective schemes and concentrate on systems that made mathematical sense.

Such a system is the PIE method. Quite simply, it works. I had considered the use of options for many years, but like most people, thought they were too complex to bother getting into. The PIE course exploded that myth and, to me at least, it all made rather obvious sense, although the nuances I hadn’t expected were fascinating. To get a reasonable income you do need a large bank and in theory your capital is not at risk if you stick to the guidelines and have the financial backup. So far I have been very pleased with the results, averaging around 1.5% per month. In the current market conditions this is not bad at all. All in all, I would whole heartedly recommend the PIE course. Yes, it is expensive, but you have the skill for life and the back-up from Glynn has been unwavering.

Alex, Oxfordshire



Gentlemen, Good Afternoon

You may recall I attended one of your training days in March this year and have now been successfully operating your strategy for 5 months. I am pleased to say that it is working well me for me so far and I am more than satisfied with my returns.

Brian, Bradford



Having bought into P. I. E., following a strong recommendation from a well-known Business advisor, I fell ill and was not able to put the training into practice.

This was a year ago, the illness was only temporary but as with most things “you either use or you lose it” . Particularly if, like me, you are in your 70th year!

Paul Bent has now offered me a cost-free place to re-train, twelve months on. I prefer this kind of project in the winter months.

I would like to say that this is a real endorsement of their integrity. (Even though they are from Yorkshire).

J.L, Lancashire


Hi Glynn and Paul

I hope you’re both well, thought I’d update you with my (steady) progress since attending the course at the end of November last year.

I’m on my 4th month of trading with the minimum £10K bank and sticking to the suggested progressive rate of returns as per the course manual.

Getting the Interactive Brokers account set up was a bit of a challenge but your guide was invaluable in helping. In the interests of spreading risk across another broker as I put more money in (my Northern Rock e-saver thing is now giving me 1.7% before tax – and that’s very good for easy access these days!!!!) I spoke to a fast-talking London geezer at Berkeley Futures, and they charge £10 per contract as opposed to IB’s £4 per contract.

By the way Paul, you mentioned on the course that my house was haunted by the ghost of Henry VIII; I think you could be right, as one day I left IB Tradestation open, went to the kitchen for lunch, and when I came back there was a pending FTSE Buy in the orders section.

All the best, and may all your positions be unchallenged.




Good Evening Paul.

I hope this message finds you in good health. I attended the PIE course in May of last year, I paper traded for a number of months and have been trading in anger for the past six.

My current investment has grown by just over 6.5%, which I am really pleased with. Now that I am comfortable with all the nuts and bolts, where can I find info on changing pension pots into a SIPP, that I may increase my PIE investment pot?

Mr Jones



Firstly just to say thank you very much for the excellent course yesterday. Both Glynn and yourself presented in a very professional manner and the day lived up to expectations.




Still totally amazed and trying to take it all in!




Having now personally met both Paul and Glynn who run the P.I.E course I can categorically say that these two gentlemen are completely above board, honest and true to their word.

In today’s hard business world where it is so easy to be ripped off by smooth talking con men, it is rare to find then that there are actually decent individuals like Paul and Glynn who are at the extreme other end of that spectrum!

I can happily endorse their complete integrity and wish them all the best.




Made 2.3 % last month!

Hope you and Paul are well-speak soon .




I would just like to thank you guys again as I’ve found your system to be the least stressful and your initial money is never really at risk providing we follow your plans.

I believe since I’ve been using the system I’ve made at least 10% which is more then three times the building society rate.

Thanks a lot.


Paul Bent: 07407 780834
Glynn Calvert: 07905 906399