Last week the US elected Obama to run their economy for another four years and, according to quite a few reports I heard, there was supposed to be a boost in the markets following this, due to increased confidence.

What actually happened is the markets took a dip, with big sell offs, showing once again that the big institutions, those chaps that are investing the pensions of ordinary people in the markets, are getting it wrong.

Was I bothered?

Well, actually it does bother me that these institutions gamble with other peoples money. Even if they are the most well intentioned, ethical, and transparent traders and brokers (ahem) they are still gambling and hoping to make a profit for the public, knowing full well that they get their commission regardless of outcome.

But I did sit back with a sort of smug satisfaction knowing that at least I, and anyone else using the PIE trading method, made money even with the markets going the opposite way to what the institutions were predicting.

And that’s the thing I love so much about this system.

I’m not bothered if the market goes up. I’m not bothered if the market goes down. I’m not even bothered if the market drifts sideways… I still make a profit on it.

And the other thing I love so much about this system is the fact that I can do it in less than ten minutes a month, and without ever putting my capital at risk.

In case you haven’t heard about PIE, I was taught this method early this year having spent a day in Sheffield with two chaps, Glynn and Paul, who trade this method for a living. They showed me their trading statements, they showed me their system, and on the way home I had a Eureka moment where I realised I’d found something truly unique. A way to make money, for the rest of my life, without risking my capital, and without having to work. Well, apart from ten minutes a month.

I paper traded the system for one month in February then, confident I knew what I was doing, went live in March.

This system makes around 30% return per year. Safely, easily, and completely under your own control.

I started live in March with a £10,000 bank and that bank now stands at exactly £11,949.32.

That’s a profit of £1,949.32 which represents 19.49% return in eight months. This is almost exactly on target for the 30% in a year.

This is easy to do, you need no previous experience, and it’ll work for as long as there are markets to trade on which, barring doomsday scenarios where we’re all stuffed anyway, will mean for the rest of your life. And, hopefully, your childrens too if you teach them how to do it. I’ll certainly be teaching mine when she’s old enough.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. This is by far THE BEST system I’ve ever seen and probably likely to see.

But don’t just take my word for it. One of the Cash Master bloggers, Guy, went on the one day course himself and have a look at what he’s got to say:

“Since my meeting with Glynn and Paul earlier this year I haven’t been surprised by the performance of the strategy that is PIE. Which is great! I went to Sheffield and met with six other like minded individuals and spent the day going through the method in detail and covering various different aspects of how the strategy works and what needs to be done to effect a profit.

As Graham has mentioned before, there isn’t really too much detail that one can divulge – it is most basic in its operation requiring very little financial knowledge of trading, only requiring perhaps a daily check of a specific market, the ability to read figures, do some basic maths and press a few buttons. Involvement in the mechanics of the method is as little or as much as you want, but needn’t spend any longer than perhaps 10-15 minutes per month (depending upon the number of lots traded).

Provided you have a reasonably level headed approach to risk (the level of which you set yourself), more often than not very little will happen and a profit will be secured. Simple as that. If market forces are such that your trade is at greater risk than the strategy advocates, you take appropriate action safe in the knowledge that there will be no detriment to your accumulated profit or your working capital.

Since starting I have managed to secure between 2.0-2.5% return on my trading capital per month.

I understand many will have concerns that the initial outlay is significant but the reality is that the course offered is an education that will stand the test of time for the rest of your life and provided you stick to the rules, from what I have seen, you will make a regular monthly return.

I also understand that many readers would perhaps like a little more information about specifics of the market that is traded and the mechanisms used but this is impossible to explain in any more detail than has already been given, without giving too much away.

To good to be true? No, because I have seen the trading statements from Glynn and practiced the method myself. It works!

Like many before me, I was naturally sceptical but my curiosity got the better of me and I had to get involved. Could this be the one method I have been searching for for so many years?

Those who have had their fingers burnt with those ‘golden promises’ before, will be sceptical which is only natural and that’s fine. If your scepticism won’t permit you to believe the testimony of others, then that is fine too, walk away. But in all honesty, I believe you will be missing out on perhaps the best low risk opportunity you may come across in your lifetime. A bold statement, but that is my belief!

The ‘Holy Grail’ perhaps? Dare I make such a comparison! But I would liken it to a ‘golden chalice’ nonetheless and all the while that chalice keeps refilling itself, I am more than happy with this fantastic method. Now, let me drink from it and give me more PIE..!”

And that’s not all, check out more comments here:

So is this for you?

Well, there’s one great way of finding out.

Give Glynn or Paul a call. Simple as that. Or drop them an e-mail. They will be more than happy to talk to you personally, tell you everything you need to hear, answer any questions you may have and generally help you to decide if this is something you might want to learn.

Don’t worry, neither of them are salesmen. They won’t try to persuade you to take the course. They will be able to tell if you’re suited to this method or not and they have, in fact, turned people away before so it’s certainly a good idea to speak to one of them if you can.

How does it work?

It’s a one day masterclass. You book a day to meet Glynn and Paul, with five other delegates, and you will be shown, in person, exactly how to do it. You’ll even get a chance to practice it live on a demo account in the afternoon so that by the end of the day you’ll have everything you need to be able to make an income for life, from the comfort of home, without ever worrying which way the markets are going.

To find out more contact Paul or Glynn using the details below. If your future is looking uncertain then why not change that in 2013 and make sure you never have to worry about money again.

Paul:    07407 780834          [email protected]

Glynn: 07905 906399         [email protected]