I haven’t done an update on PIE for a while and a few people have been asking how I have been getting on with it.

For those of you that don’t know, I regard PIE as the best method for making a ‘passive’ and more importantly ‘risk free’ income, over and above anything else I do.

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The PIE strategy involves around ten minutes of activity a month trading on the FTSE100 market. You need no previous experience, and the potential returns are incredible considering your trading capital is never put at risk. Anything up to 30% a year is pretty standard for this system, and I’ve never come across anything that would get me that sort of return on my money for practically no effort nor risk.

I now regard PIE as my retirement income, and if asked if there was only one method I would use for making money, it would have to be this one.

So how have I been getting on with it?

Well, I started trading with real funds, using a £10,000 trading bank towards then end of last March. I initially aimed to achieve 1% per month while I was getting used to the method, and soon started seeing how easy it is to get 2%, 3% or sometimes as much as 4% in a month, if the conditions were favourable.

Of course, you can’t guarantee making any fixed percentage in any given month, but over the course of a year, there should be no reason why you can’t make up to 30% return on your money.

Most of the year went super smoothly. In fact I had to do practically nothing except bank the money each month. However, the essential part of this system, and the thing that makes it unique to any other trading system I’ve come across, is the strategy employed when the market goes against you.

And I found myself employing this technique in January this year when the FTSE rose at the fastest pace in more than two decades. Movements like these tend to wipe out a lot of traders, but not so for the PIE traders.

Nope, at no point was my trading capital put at risk. Instead I followed the method and was completely unaffected by what was happening in the markets. The only drawback for me was that I didn’t make much profit during that period but on the plus side, it’s proved that the method is robust and that I can handle what the markets throw at me.

So how’s my account balance looking now?

Not bad actually. There’s still a few weeks left in my trading year, by my £10,000 balance is currently standing at £12,135.32. So that’s a 21.35% return so far in my first year which I’m more than happy with considering I started off extra cautiously while I was getting used to the method.

Now that I have experience with the method, especially experience with what to do when the markets go against you, I’m confident I will be able to do even better next year.

In fact I’m so confident in this method, I sold one of my investment properties last year and piled the funds into a second account to trade with, as I make a lot more from this than I do from rental income.

Glynn recently met Russ Mould, editor of Shares magazine (a leading London based investment publication), and was invited to write a regular column in the magazine, so he definitely knows his stuff! He’s also been approached by a group of large investors to run a private fund for them.

But that doesn’t mean this is only for professionals. No way.

Course attendees have included:

– Two airline pilots
– A professional gambler
– A solicitor
– Two computer professionals
– A physics lecturer
– Two engineers
– Two retired gentlemen from the police force
– Two investment professionals from the city
– A builder
– An industrialist
– An electrical engineer
– A musician
– An Independent financial advisor

And they’re not all from the UK either. Attendees have flown in from Geneva, Vienna, Hungary, and even Texas, and there is a chap ready to fly from Australia to learn this stuff.

Check out the video testimonials on the page and if you are interested in learning this method, you can do a one day masterclass with Glynn, who trades this method as his main income.

It could seriously be the most important day you spend learning anything, from a financial perspective at least, and there’s no greater feeling than knowing your future is secure, regardless of what’s happening in the markets.

All you have to do is give Glynn a call, have a chat with him about it, under no obligation, and with no ‘sales patter’ (he’s a trader, not a salesman). If you like what you hear, go and see him and change your life.

You can speak to Glynn directly by giving him a call on: 07905 906 399

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