PIE is going global!

What do I mean by that?

Well, people have been flying in from all corners of the globe to learn how to trade the PIE method.

If you don’t yet know what this is all about, check it out here:


I get e-mails almost daily now asking me how I’m doing with this and also how other people that have been on the course are doing.

Well, why don’t we let them speak for themselves?

Check out these latest testmonials, one of them is a shocker!

“Dear Paul/Glynn,

I feel now is as good a time as any to give a testimonial for P.I.E as over the past month I have had the benefit of testing the strategy with real money. I must add here that under normal circumstances I would have started out with a dummy account until fully acquainted with everything, but I felt confident enough to jump straight in at the deep end so to speak. That is probably the biggest compliment I can give to the training expertise provided by Paul and Glynn who are two of the most genuine guys you could ever wish to meet.

Onto the actual course:

I really enjoyed the masterclass which was both entertaining and informative with no stone left unturned.The nuts and bolts of the strategy were explained in very simple, easy to understand steps, even for a total beginner like me. If there were any aspects of the strategy either myself or my four fellow students couldn’t grasp, Paul and Glynn were immediately on hand to run through everything again (and again if necessary) before moving onto the next part of the course. By the end my mind was buzzing with excitement and I couldn’t wait to get back home to get things rolling. The quality manual that is provided with the course is excellently written by Paul (again very easy to understand), and it has become my crutch when placing the actual trades. Just to add, sandwiches and refreshments were provided on the day which I thought was a nice touch!

Now onto my actual trading:

I placed my very first trades on 22nd February and by the 15th March I had made a profit of 1.5%, with my capital never under any risk whatsoever. In fact, I was being fairly cautious with these trades as I was feeling my way slightly. This month (trades placed 15th March) I have gone for a return of just under 2%, and this is still being fairly cautious. That is the beauty of the strategy; you can set your own parameters safe in the knowledge that your capital will never be at risk as long as you stick to the rules. These returns are incredible when you compare them to the miserly rates currently on offer from banks and building societies. In fact, even compared to stocks and shares, P.I.E. wins hands down because your capital is never at risk unlike these other investments. Therefore I am now in the process of withdrawing a large portion of my savings portfolio to invest in the strategy, as the possibilities through compounding your profits are totally mind blowing!

So there you have it. P.I.E. really does produce the results it promises and I have no hesitation in recommending the course to anyone who is thinking of purchasing a genuine opportunity. I took that initial leap of faith and am so glad now that I did.

Best regards,

“Hello Paul/Glynn,

Just a quick thank you for the course on Tuesday, really first class. I am looking forward to getting started. I could say all sorts of nice things about the course but I think the best testimonial is to try and spread the word so to speak. To that end I have already spoken to our IFA, Ian, and suggested that he speaks to Glynn. You will be unsurprised to hear that he is, shall we say ‘sceptical’. I have told him that if he doesn’t speak to Glynn (or yourself, Paul) he is completely bonkers and has a screw loose! I am in the process of sorting Janet’s SIPP out with Ian presently so that we can start trading it as soon as possible.

Kind regards,


“Dear Glynn & Paul,

I’ve been meaning to drop you both an email for a few days now since I came back from your workshop in Sheffield.

I have to say your strategy is absolutely brilliant. I’ve been looking at investment systems for years now and never found one that suited my lifestyle. Your strategy is easy to execute and takes just a few minutes a month to put the trades on and then a few seconds a day to check the market. It’s perfect for someone like me who works full time and has a young baby to look after.

The workshop itself was nicely put together. The small group gave it a more personal touch. Add to that some of Paul’s jovial banter and your expert knowledge of the markets and it made for one very entertaining and educational experience.

I have to take my hat off to you for coming up with the money management technique that you use to protect your capital, it is a very clever idea.

This is what makes your strategy so safe to trade. It also gives me confidence that I will be able to make money whether the market goes up or down.

Thanks once again to you and Paul for putting on the workshop and for sharing your knowledge so generously. It really is appreciated.

Kind regards,



“Hi Guys,

Well what can I say! I attended the course in mid Oct along with five other students.
We all came from a wide range of backgrounds including a courier driver, a property developer and probably the most unusual was myself, A Team Leader for a Close Protection Team in Iraq.

Although we had different backgrounds we were all in the classroom for a common goal.

Every one of us had tried and tested most of the newfangled ideas and gimmicks in the gambling and even Forex trading world, spending a lot of money in the process. In fact it was quite an amusing icebreaker to say the least that we had tried most of the same methods for our common goal to try and make money.One thing that was obvious was that most of the systems failed, some terribly.

However what we were to learn that day has ended my money worries. I have been so worried about a pension in my old age. In fact I’ve been so worried I think the worry was making me get there quicker.
I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders.

Call it what you will “The Golden Goose, The Golden Egg, The Golden Chalice”. Believe me it is real and it works.

I attended the day course with an open mind, hoping, believing. I had read all the testimonials over and over again thinking could this be it, Is this MY golden ticket. After all I had spent a fortune on betting and gambling systems in the past, so I did have a doubt in the back of my mind.

Could it really be as easy as the testimonials made out? What if it was too complicated for me? What if my money was at risk and I lost the lot. So many Questions going round in my head.

Well after the training I had that day all the doubts have gone. It is the easiest way to make money every month for the rest of your life bar none.

In fact I would go far as to say it’s so easy it’s stupid.

There is nothing hard or remotely complicated about the system. It is literally 5 mins a month and you’re done. The training you get from the guys covers everything you need to know.
You will even do a live practice on the day to make sure you’re confident using the system.

Paul and Glynn were a great team and the day was well structured and catered for the complete beginner like myself.

I just cant praise it enough,

Thank you Paul and Glynn”

“Hi Paul and Glynn,

Many thanks for your time at the course last week.

I didn’t want to put pen to paper until I’d got everything set up and trades in place.

I’ve got to admit that when I read about the PIE system, it really did sound too good to be true.

Over time, I too followed the reviews on Graham’s site, and also asked him about his progress.

Both were favourable, but the thing that did impress me, was that you both returned my calls, at your time and expense.

Being cautious, I asked my family for their opinion. To be fair, up until recently, I’d not spent that kind of money on a car, let alone a one day course.

Could I afford it?

Well, if what the reviews told me was right, I couldn’t afford NOT to.

For two weeks I wondered whether or not I’d be able to make it work for me.

The day of the course came and my eyes were truly opened. I had my Eureka moment by lunchtime. The process was so simple, I was looking for the complicated bits. I’m glad to say there weren’t any.

Theory done, we then individually practice traded to gain familiarity with the platform. A very useful exercise, that gelled the theory into place.

The small group size lends itself so well to these teachings. Everything was clearly explained, and all questions raised were answered extensively.

I feel that my journey has just begun, the willingness of you both to assist with the first faltering steps is priceless.

Once again, many thanks.



“Thankyou for making me so welcome at our meeting on Tuesday, which had a relaxed atmosphere from the start . It was also good to meet Glynn and the other budding traders.

All of us seemed to have the same sort of experience having tried countless schemes/plans over the years without success. That is until Glynn and yourself came to our attention with PIE. What a relief to be shown a method that works without any ‘judgement/gut feeling’. A mechanical method with a simple set of rules, marvellous, and hard evidence to back it up! It was a privilege to take part and leave knowing that there is a way forward.

Most of all I appreciate the trouble you took to explain things to me that I was uncertain about.

It’s good to know, also, that I can email or call you anytime in the future if I’m unsure of something.”

“Glynn. Paul

A big thank you for the seminar and training last week. You pitched the course at just the right level, although I have experience of using markets like Betfair etc I knew nothing about financial markets however I have come away with confidence that I understand the strategy well enough to begin paper trading. Indeed I have placed my first simulated trade in the market so lets wait and see what happens.

The manual you sent to back up the course is first class and covers everything we talked about. It will become my bible as I refer back to ensure understanding. It was comforting to be able to go over the trading history from last Aug 2011 which was a testing time but showed the robustness of the strategy.

Thanks again guys I have high hopes for this. Patience and not getting greedy are the only barriers I can see but that is up to the individual.

Don’t run too many other courses as I want to pull the ladder up now!

Kind Regards


“Hi Paul,

Thank you very much for today, I found it extremely useful and very informative – please pass on my thanks to Glynn.

I am absolutely confident that I shall have a live account up and running and trading successfully. Being comfortable with various platforms already I will have it firmly nailed down without any undue delays I am sure.

I will of course keep in touch and will meet you at some point down the line to buy you lunch/dinner and enjoy a chat and an up-date with you at the appropriate time.

Thanks again”


“Dear Glynn & Paul

I just wanted to say a huge thank you to you both for your time on Tuesday explaining your strategy. I really enjoyed the day and I am very excited about setting up an account and getting started.

I have just read your strategy cover to cover and I must say that you have done a great job explaining everything so clearly and I am sure that once I get going the whole process will fall into place very easily.

Many thanks again for not only laying on a very enjoyable day but also for sharing this opportunity with others.

Best wishes


“Hi Graham,

I went on the day course on the 6th November and it was every bit as good as you have said it is and so I thank you very much for bringing it to my attention.

I am now setting up my demo account, and with the method being very simple, should have it nailed within just one month or so max, and then on to live trading.

Thanks again.



Many thanks for a great course yesterday, you took trading far beyond what I’d ever been told before and perhaps even more importantly dispensed with the need to take a view on which direction the market is going.

Thanks again!


“I took the course last week and left very impressed. Glynn and Paul took us through the background and method very well indeed making the day enjoyable too. I’ve placed a couple of non-ambitious paper trades and am in the process of looking at IB and other brokers to get started for real. Definitely the way ahead. Thanks for bringing this to our attention!”

“Dear Glynn and Paul,

I would like to thank you both for quite an extraordinary day yesterday. I really cannot believe how simple and elegant your system is to operate. Very,very impressive.

On the drive home last night I would think about the course and various points and then have the most enjoyable chuckle to myself, this has continued for much of today as well.

I very grateful for your time, and the effort you both made to ensure a deep and thorough understanding of the content. I touched on this briefly with James (Paul’s son) and I think one of the important aspects that struck me was how you have managed to present for different types of learners.
Whether it be people who learn by: listening; reading; or kinaesthetically – everyone will learn how your system works. The course size and atmosphere was good and it was good to meet people from different backgrounds, all of whom were eager to learn how to safeguard their futures.

I am almost set-up and the paper trading will commence once the dummy account is ready.

Many thanks and all the best,


“Hi Guys,

Just wanted to thank you again for a very informative, very enjoyable course yesterday. Everything was explained carefully and every care was taken to make sure everybody understood the content.

I thought about nothing else on the five hour drive back up the road and have opened my practise account this morning and plan to place my first trade tonight. I’m very, very excited about this and know that with the appropriate level of practise and care…this is going to change mine and my children’s lives.


“Everything quite brilliant. +2.2% last month (March) even though FTSE is a bit difficult.

Best wishes to you and Glynn.

Isles of Scilly”

“I just wanted to let you know I really enjoyed the one day course, I think it was money and time well spent. I read the manual on the train and on the plane back to home, it’s very well written and everything is clear now.”

“Hello Glynn and Paul

Just a brief email to thank you both for a wonderful and illuminating day.

Although I am not used to long periods of concentration, around lunctime the penny dropped so I am looking forward to trying the system out.

Many thanks again and also for the lift back to the train station (iiritatingly the journey back took an hour and a half longer than scheduled arrrggghhh !!)


And this one is quite an eye opener. Barns made £13,779 in two months!

“Hi Glynn

It was great to have a catch-up earlier and hear your thoughts on what to do as the market continues to rise.

As I said when we spoke, I started trading properly at the beginning of January with a bank of £400,000 and today the bank stands at £413,779, a rise of 3.44%.

I must say that I am most impressed with the system and am so grateful for you and Paul introducing me to it.

Kind regards


There are two spaces left on the April course. If you want to change your life and never worry about money again, do this course!

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