Those of you that have been reading this blog for a while will be aware that my favourite “real world” passive income plan is the Sunter Investments property renovation opportunity.

I’ve been invested in this for the better part of a decade now and just love it. Run by Ken Sunter, and based in Glasgow, their main business model is sourcing beautiful old Scottish properties that are in need of major refurbishment, completely renovating them and reselling for a hefty profit.

They have a very slick operation with a fantastic team of surveyors, contractors etc to enable them to achieve healthy returns regardless of the state of the property market, and have won awards for their work because they’re always mindful of renovating in sustainable and considerate way so that the end product genuinely enhances the landscape, rather than simply cutting corners to achieve maximum returns.

For us as investors, it couldn’t be simpler. We essentially loan them funds which they use towards the renovations costs etc, and we get paid a fixed double digit annual return.

It works well for them as most contracts are annual, so they have our funds to purchase properties and begin renovations. But what they do is take out mortgages on the properties once the renovations have progressed, based on the new valuations, to release further funds to complete the projects. So they can then use our funds multiple times throughout a year for different projects, but pay us a one off interest fee for the liquidity. Like any good business, it’s a win/win.

Ken is very professional and has never missed a payment when it’s due, and I have had contracts running with him for many years which have made a very nice passive income over the years.

Ken closed the doors to new clients a few years ago, preferring to deal with a small, select group of clients that he can provide a one to one service with and that’s worked very well for everyone involved.

However yesterday he contacted me with an offer of a one off opportunity for new clients, and when you read it, you’ll understand why. I’ve copied it below in his words….

“I have been offered a great opportunity over a 12 month term, with a very close business contact. I will still control the process and funds, as per a normal Fixed Return deal, however, as the deal has numerous easily executed stages, we have put together a very flexible process, and also as there is a good bit of equity share in the deal, we have kept the returns at a good level. The basics are that my contact has a part finished small development, and he is now out of funds having lost his commercial facility through his bank mid build, which is very kind of them!! I said we will complete the project at cost, in 4 stages, and take a share at the end on resale.

This would be a stand alone single project offering for anyone interested i.e. we couldn’t then move them on to another one of our schemes on completion, so would need to be a cash out exit plan, on completion.

Let me know if of interest to your subscribers.. 

Details below:

A slightly different structure with the sellers for this property deal, due to the fact that I know them, and there is a good bit of equity to play with too.

So the options are as follows:

Minimum term 3 months

Maximum term 12 months

Each 3 month term pays a fixed return of 3%, paid monthly (i.e. 1% per month).

There is also then an additional quarterly bonus payment applied at 0.5% for amounts from £5k to £25k and at 1% for amounts over £25k.

Clients can choose to run from 3, 6, 9 or 12 month terms. Clients can commit to three month blocks at a time if they wish.

Including the highest quarterly bonus payments, the total fixed returns would be:

3 months –    4%

6 months –    8%

9 months –  12%

12 months- 16%

There is the choice to have all interest paid on completion, if a client prefers for tax or accounting reasons, otherwise it will be paid out monthly and quarterly, as per the above.”

I can fully vouch for Ken and his professionalism, and personally have a large sum invested in various contracts with him, such is my confidence in him and his business.

If this opportunity is if interest, or even if you just want further information, please contact Ken directly via his contact details below.

Make sure you mention “CashMaster” in any communication with Ken so that he knows you’re a legitimate subscriber of mine.

As he said above, there are no follow on contracts offered after this one, but I suspect if you liked the operation and wanted to get involved further once this one is completed then he might be open to taking on another client or two. He might not, as he likes a small client base he can manage, but it wouldn’t hurt to ask anyway.

Here are his details:

You can contact Ken directly at: [email protected]

Ken Sunter
Panacea Property
Phone: 07748763236
1 Royal Crescent
G3 7SL

Remember, it’s private invitation only so quote: CashMaster