Last month I told you about the exceptional offer Panacea Investments were running on a short term contract with monthly payments and higher than normal yield.

That offer is closing at the end of this month and here is Ken’s latest update on it:

“I hope today finds you all safe and well?

Just a final sweep, with one week to go, until we close the client list for the very popular monthly interest paying contract we set up to help some clients boost some cash flow during the current situation.

The first clients are now all set up on our new monthly interest paying, temporary, short term opportunity with their first standing order interest payment due in a couple of weeks time.

This temporary opportunity was designed and put in place at the initial request of some regular clients who had other monthly interest paying options in their investment portfolio. The request was for something that would cash flow some of their capital over the short term, with an exit clause to allow the return of funds, within 30 days, when things look like they are returning to “normal”. I have set up a very flexible, temporary contract option to suit these needs which will be run on a short term basis with the option to extend month by month until the client triggers the 30 day return of capital clause.

The client funds raised will be used to replace some (or all) of the latest development drawdown from our Commercial funder which is already in place for the site in Newcraighall, Edinburgh. Basically we will use the funds to pay for the latest monthly works rather than the usual route of our monthly draw against the pre agreed facility for this particular site. All this means is we don’t draw this month of the commercial development facility, paying interest on the amount drawn, and instead pay it to the clients who set up a new contract.

The brief outline details are as follows:

Monthly Interest Paying Temporary Contract

  • Initial fixed contract term of only three months.
  • Option to then extend the contract on a month by month basis.
  • 30 day Notice period for return of capital following the initial 3 month term. Interest still paid during this notice period.
  • Interest is paid monthly to the client by standing order, direct to your bank account, starting from month one.
  • Enhanced monthly paying interest rate agreed for this temporary opportunity.
  • Open to existing and new clients.

It would be great to have a few more clients getting involved in this opportunity so please, if of interest to you or if you would like any further details or have any questions, you know where I am so please do get in touch anytime.

If we can have the final client list in place by this time next week that would be most helpful, even if some client funds are pledged but not fully in place by this date.

Kind Regards,

To take advantage of this offer, contact Ken quoting “CashMaster” and he will add you to the client list, which is by private invitation only, and look after you.

You can contact Ken here:

Ken Sunter
Panacea Investments
Phone: 07748763236

[email protected]

1 Royal Crescent
G3 7SL