Continuing with the theme of income opportunities that are unaffected by the current crisis, I thought it would be useful to re-post a excerpt from last weeks newsletter from Ken Sunter over at Panacea Property:

“Well I didn’t think there would be a way to stop all the constant chat about Brexit, quite so quickly, but then along came the Coronavirus. I am no longer asked if Brexit would have an effect on my businesses, it is now will Coronavirus have an effect on my businesses. It made me look back over the last 30 years of business and just quite how many key moments have caused issues for many companies, from Financial crashes, Political uncertainty, extreme weather, terrorism, interest rates rises, mortgage and lending restrictions and even volcanoes!! Despite everything that has been thrown at my businesses, over the years, there have been no dramas and no crisis.

So why is that?

For sure, there have been small impacts, across certain parts of the business, but the bigger picture is underpinned with numerous and varying elements of the business, flexible and pre approved funding options, a strong core model and closeness to each part of the business, allowing quick pre determined reactions, along with a capital and asset backed balance sheet. This latest “crisis” for example has not affected the Home Builder and Development side of the business, the Buy-to-Let Portfolio incomes, the on-line retail operation, the Currency Trading Investment side to the business (as a day trader volatility is good) or any other spin off private incomes generated. The only area with some fall out has been some cancellations, from overseas guests, for some of the holiday let properties. This is understandable and the cancellation has been taken, but the freed up dates have been quickly snapped up by UK based guests, who are no longer travelling abroad, so the income is replaced, in addition to the deposit retained for guest cancellations.

Where companies struggle with major events, financial or otherwise, is where they are solely trading in a single market, with no diversity within the business, and I feel very sorry for these people, as the impact will be a sore one to take and will see some unfortunately go to the wire. Those in tourism, hospitality and catering, sport, travel etc will have seen a spike in cancellations as events play out, revenue which will not be replaced and in many cases, will have been relied upon, in their budget for the year. I do hope assistance is given to these businesses to ride out, best they can, what will be very difficult and uncertain times ahead.”

If you’ve been putting off investing some of your funds into Panacea through concern that the current crisis will affect returns, then fear not, it’s in safe hands.

Check out some of these comments from my latest YouTube video:

“I invested in Panacea at the beginning of 2019 in a fixed interest 12 month plan yielding 12%. The process was very simple as Ken Sunter provided all of the necessary contract documents and kept in touch on a regular basis until signing and funds transfer. Following that it was simply a watching brief with Ken providing weekly update emails of how projects were progressing. Now and then he included photos of the properties and it was clear that the company aims at a high quality of development which appears to be very desirable from a buyers perspective.

Towards the end of the 12 months Ken contacted me to see what I wanted to do next and he provided several options. I decided to take part of my original investment back together with the accrued interest and re-invest the balance in another 12 month contract.

I haven’t as yet made a visit up to Scotland to see the operation but may well do so later this year. It may be of interest to note that my wife is something of a sceptic about some of my investments but even she has dipped her toes into this!” – John Murphy

“I have been an investor in Panacea for 18 months with their fixed return offer. My first year’s interest was paid on time last October and I left my original investment in for another 12 months. Each weekend Ken Sunter sends a friendly e-mail update for the previous weeks progress and any plans in the pipeline. This is a very well run business (in my opinion) and long may it continue.” – Anthony Perkins

“Enjoyed the video, I’ve been an investor in Panacea for 18 months now and they are seriously worth checking out. They build at the quality end of the market and often convert old, unloved, period properties into something quite special.

For a different kind of investment, I’ve been impressed and paid my capital back + interest on time at the completion of each project which I’ve re-invested. Returns of 12% (non-ISA) are excellent as well.!” – Paul Hilton

“I am now in the second year of investing in the fixed return projects with Panacea. The first year provided an excellent rate of return and did exactly what it said on the tin. Panacea paid the interest on time after giving me the options to have all of my capital returned, to leave the capital invested for another twelve month contract or to leave the capital and interest for reinvestment. I have been impressed with the excellent communication that Ken continues to provide in his weekly round-Robin emails which give an interesting insight into the Panacea business. Ken also writes about some of the activities that he has been doing outside of the office so we can get an idea of who Ken, the person, is. The emails are informal in tone and I look forward to them although those with English qualifications may need to take a chill pill! Also, I believe Ken is happy for investors to travel up to Scotland and see for themselves what Panacea has to offer.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Panacea as a fabulous company in which to invest. In these times of rock-bottom interest rates and stock market volatility Panacea offers a rare opportunity for a fabulous passive investment return.”

Panacea is one of my favourite passive investment opportunities and whether you wish to invest through their investment bonds, or simply directly into Panacea Property, it’s definitely worth paying them a visit or at the very least giving them a call to get your questions answered.

Quote: CashMaster and Ken will also add you to the Fixed Return Ventures waiting list, which is by private invitation only.

If you want more information you can contact Ken here:

Ken Sunter
Panacea Investments
Phone: 07748763236

1 Royal Crescent
G3 7SL