Last month I emailed you about one of my top passive investments, Panacea Property, based in Glasgow. They have been paying out superb returns for the last 18 years, based on good, solid business in the Scottish property development market.

What makes them completely different from companies with similar offerings are the fact that your money is diversified across all their developments rather than one particular development in their portfolio. This means that any delays or problems with any one development doesn’t affect you and you get paid on time, every time, without fail. They have never missed a payment in nearly two decades. The same certainly can’t be said for other companies.

They also pay a higher rate of interest than any other property development company I’ve come across so all in all, they’re just a superb addition to my investment portfolio.

Ken, the director, just contacted me to say that he has had a late cancellation on one of his latest offerings and so there is a space available should you be interested. Terms are available from just 3 months so it’s a very flexible investment.

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