Passive Expert is a completely passive online earning opportunity that invests company profits into a portfolio of financial and crypto related trading and arbitrage programs and then pays it’s customers a cash back bonus of up to 1% per day out of company profits. As Passive Expert put their funds to work in a diverse spread of income producing strategies, risk is reduced significantly and the failure of any particular strategy within the portfolio doesn’t impact the whole fund.

Payments are made daily until 125% of original purchase price is returned.

What you actually purchase are advertising packages that allow you to advertise your business on their platform, but owners of these Ad Packs also receive the daily share of profits generated by the company.

The company is completely transparent and the owner, Lee Merritt, is available to talk to either online, by telephone, or even in person!

I’ve tested the platform for three months and have been paid every day without fail. The advertising platform is really effective, so if you have any websites you wish to promote, either as an owner or an affiliate, then it’s worth using this platform even without the cash back bonus. The fact that you get 125% of the cost of your adverting paid back makes this a no brainer for any business looking to increase traffic.

Of course you don’t need to make use of the advertising if you’re only interested in the passive income opportunity. Simply buying an adpack means you’ll be making a 25% profit on the cost of your ad pack over time and you can buy as many ad packs as you wish. Also, if you re-invest some of your profits, the compounding effect can be really quite dramatic.

You can see a video of my progress so far here:

I’m happy to approve Passive Expert and will continue to use this for the foreseeable future.

You can join for as little as $10 here