Passive Investments

Looking for passive investment opportunities? These are producing stunning returns.

Passive Expert

Passive Expert is a completely passive online earning opportunity that invests company profits into a portfolio of financial and crypto related trading and arbitrage programs and then pays it’s customers a cash back bonus of up to 1% per day out of company profits.

As Passive Expert put their funds to work in a diverse spread of income producing strategies, risk is reduced significantly and the failure of any particular strategy within the portfolio doesn’t impact the whole fund.

Payments are made daily until 125% of original purchase price is returned.

Angel Business Club

This is a passive investment opportunity comprising of a community of business angels that invest in businesses that aim to be tomorrow’s corporate stars. It acquires equity stakes (shares) in return for providing corporate services and/or financial capital. The club allows its members to participate in, and benefit from, the growth of exciting businesses worldwide which would not normally be available to individual investors.

Angel Business Club is Europe’s biggest angel investor crowdfunding club and is a professional, well run organisation that allows investors to get involved at any level and potentially make some very serious returns.

Mercurius TradR

This is a fully automated, completely passive, Betfair betting service. All you do is sign up, link your Betfair account, and switch it on.

Mercurius use artificial intelligence to consistently find value in the football betting markets and then place value bets directly on your account. It uses a sensible 1% of bank stake and, because it always bets on value selections, is mathematically guaranteed to profit over the long term.