Passive Opportunities

Looking for more passive opportunities? These are my favourites.

Cloud Minting

In the 18 years I’ve spent reviewing opportunities, including 7 years in the crypto space, this is without a doubt the best I’ve come across. There is nothing else out there that even comes close to what this company is doing. It is 100% transparent, compliant, licensed and regulated. They have a large and growing ecosystem of products and services with third party audits carried out by reputable and well known auditing firms. They have close to half a million customers and are on course to be one of the top firms in the crypto space over the next five years.

The best entry level product is their Cloud Minting program that pays daily rewards that can be instantly converted to Bitcoin at the click of a button and withdrawn to your external wallet.

Information by request only. Please drop me an email at [email protected]


In a nutshell, this is a crowdfunding initiative that runs entirely over smart contracts on the Tron blockchain, with the goal of raising half a billion dollars with which an incredibly smart computer will trade on the financial markets, hopefully making incredible profits for all who participate.

You can get involved with as little as $100. It’s completely automated, decentralised and cannot be interfered with by humans (so nobody can run off with our money).

The Forex AI has made 400%+ in the first 8 months of operation.

VC Crowd

This is a passive investment opportunity comprising of a community of business angels that invest in businesses that aim to be tomorrow’s corporate stars. It acquires equity stakes (shares) in return for providing corporate services and/or financial capital. The club allows its members to participate in, and benefit from, the growth of exciting businesses worldwide which would not normally be available to individual investors.

VC Crowd is Europe’s biggest venture capital crowdfunding club and is a professional, well run organisation that allows investors to get involved at any level and potentially make some very serious returns.