Wetherby again today

Running Total -£602.64

12.40 Deep Purple £150 to win. Unp -£150

Lend Lease  £50 to win.  2nd  -£50

1.15 Glencree £100 to win        Unp  -£100

1.50 Tell Henry £50 e/w @ 9/2  Won  +£281.25

2.20 Blaeberry £100 win           2nd   -£100

3.00 Mobaasher £75 e/w @ 3/1  2nd   -£30

3.35 Turko £75 win                  Unp   -£75

Ollie Magern £25 win         2nd   -£25

4.05 Fresh Air And Fun £50 e/w Unp  -£50

Daily Total -£298.75

Running Total -£901.39

It would appear the only thing Mr Fowlie is on course for is bankruptcy.

I am in two minds about giving this service another month. On the one hand October is often a major nightmare for backing services so I would be tempted to give him another month to recover. On the other hand, the vast majority of bets are on the favourite, 2nd favourite or both and I’m not sure that’s going to recover the very considerable losses incurred last month.

On the whole I think it would be fairer to continue for one more month, just incase this was a one off bad month.