There are no bets to report today, but I thought I would write an entry clarifying the  comments I made on Saturday.

It seems Paul has taken exception to my attempt at gallows humour with the comment about heading for bankruptcy. This was only intended as a light hearted pun on what had been a poor month for the service. On reflection it could be taken to be overly sarcastic and I offer my apologies to Paul for that.
I would also like to clarify the point I made about the majority of bets being on the favourite, second favourite or both. I think the basic fact of that is true, and obviously a good number of races are won by horses that fall into that category. The point I wanted to make was that, from the evidence I have seen over the month of betting, it appears Paul advises betting on every race on the card (long odds-on excepted) and if in doubt as to a likely winner, back the favourite or second favourite on each way terms if practical. My issue with this policy is that it is hardly worth paying an ongoing premium to a tipster service for this sort of advice, when a couple of “No Bets” a day could save hundreds of pounds.

To be fair Paul did have a big priced winner (16/1sp) last Thursday, but then gave over half of it back. At the start of the test I did make it clear that I would be recording all results to industry S.P. in order to be fair to backers who bet on course or with traditional high street bookmakers. Paul states that a good number of his recent losing bets have gone very close and that the in running price on exchanges reflect this fact. True, but irrelevant to all the backers who bet on course, at bookmakers or who place their bets with exchanges before going to work in the morning. Beside which, this is a backing service and not a trading one.
I always try to be fair to all the systems and tipsters that I review and I have already stated that due to October being a bit of a graveyard for backing services I will extend the trial to the end of November rather than just say “He’s lost over a grand in four weeks, don’t touch this service” and file it under failed. I would be very pleased to see the losses recovered and a profit made. Hence the trial extension.

I hope that the above helps clarify the points I wanted to make on the findings so far.

I do apologise for the sarcasm and the poor wording of the comment on the type of bet Paul targets and hope this sets the record straight.
I would like to make clear that I write reviews on this blog purely for fun and I do not personally receive any payment of any kind for them. The only benefit I derive from doing it is access to the systems themselves and the rather perverse pleasure I take in record keeping and analysis. If I like a service I will say so, if I don’t I will say so. And woe betide a service losing money on the day Arsenal get beat by Stoke. For the benefit of anyone failing to realise, that was also intended to be humorous.