Hexham Today

Running Total -£2910.83

1.10 Motarid £50 win                  2nd -£50

Abbaleen £50 win                       Unp -£50

1.40 No Bet

2.10 Twelve Paces £100 win        Unp -£100

Fair Question £50 e/w                Unp -£100

2.40 Manoubi £100 win              Unp -£100

Cave Hill £50 win                       Unp -£50

3.10 No Bet

3.40 Mamba £50 win                  2nd -£50

Daily Total -£500

Running Total -£3410.83

I had hoped that this service was turning a corner after the good (and nearly extremely good) day Monday. But this was a very bad day indeed and there has to be a limit to the amount of loss of form and money that can be attributed to bad luck. As stated before, my results are recorded at S.P. and exchange or early price users will be slightly ahead of my figures. Not that that was an issue today.