Running Total -£3410.83

No official bets today but Paul did mention 3 horses that he was interested in at Market Rasen today. One lost, one won at 11/8 and one that he metioned being a good each way bet won at 11/2.

Paul has requested that we call a halt to the test and restart it after Christmas as he says that he has never hit such a poor patch before and is keen to prove the value of his service.

I have discussed this request with Graham and we have decided that in order to give as fair an opinion as possible we will agree to give the service another try in the new year.

Paul states that his service made over £12000 from April to October and that the current form will turn around very soon. I have no reason to doubt his claims as his other systems have stood up to their billing during our test periods.
We have seen this service go through an extremely rough patch, so I think it would be fair to allow him a chance to prove the value he can provide his customers with.

I think that anyone who has followed the racing game for a number of years will agree that the change over period between the flat and jump seasons is an absolute minefield for backing systems and tipsters.

By stopping now and restarting in mid-season we will be able to form a fair and balanced opinion as to whether this service can have a run of form as good as the recent one has been poor.

If you had been a member since April and had made the profits claimed, you would probably be willing to bear with him during this bad run in the hope that he would recover his touch as soon as possible. You would probably be more “picky” about which of his tips you followed, and would certainly have cut the size of your stakes dramatically. So I am willing to call a halt to the trial and restart as requested in the hope that Paul can turn things around.