Final review

The idea behind this backing service is that Paul will give advice on which horses to back at meetings he is attending. You log into a website and the days betting and staking advice is given in simple to follow race by race format. Paul will then send out text messages if anything comes up during the day.

We started following the results in early October and things did not go well for the first month with losses mounting up to well over £3000 in around 6 weeks. Paul requested that we stop the test as he was in a unprecedented bad run of form and restart after Christmas. We agreed to do this in the interest of trying to give the service the best chance to show it’s true value.

On restarting the test in January things seemed to improve at first and I was hoping that a serious dent could be made in the losses built up before the break. Unfortunately the profits stalled and the bank started falling back again. When I called a halt to the trial last week a profit of nearly £600 had been made since the turn of the year.
Paul claims to have made over £13000 for clients during last year and it does seem that results are reported accurately on the website but the big losses run up during our test period are worrying.

The large majority of bets are on the tissue favourite, second favourite or both and can be win, each-way or a combination of the two . Whilst it is true that a good number of favourites do win or get placed in their races it can get very expensive when a losing run comes along. There have been some longer priced highlights during the trial, but these have been too few and far between to make up the losses.

The figures I have given are all recorded at S.P. and represent the worst case scenario as better prices could have been obtained earlier or on Betfair.

Overall, I would stop short of fully recommending this service. I do not intend using it myself in future and if I had subscribed for the minimum period (3 months costs £149) I would not be renewing it. However, I do not feel it fair to totally dismiss it as a failure and so a rating of “Neutral” seems the best fit.

I do not think it is a rip-off and if you were to use your own judgement in tandem with Paul’s tips you would probably make some money. By judgement I mean adjusting the stakes and avoiding horses that have drifted badly in the betting etc. Just common sense basic betting coupled with Paul’s advice. But the test is all about how the service performs on it’s own and during our test period it has not been good as a stand alone product.

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