A week into the trial and we haven’t really gone anywhere yet, the tips have been arriving on time & results are running at around the break even point at the moment.

We had an email yesterday explaining that the tips have been far more football orientated than usual lately but that with the darts World Championship(s) and the snooker Masters just around the corner, we’ll be seeing more of those shortly. Tennis is on its end of year break.

The email also contained some advice about whether to lay off or green up bets inplay, if they look to be going our way. The advice was that, whilst it is up to each customer how they play their bets, the official policy is that you should always let the bets run their full course as this is a purely level stake tipping service.


Bets 22

Wins 11

Av Odds 1.75

S/R 50%

P/L -0.84 points


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