This service provides tips via a daily email covering a number of sports including; Football, Snooker, Tennis & Darts.

The “welcome” email states that tips will be sent by 2pm on weekdays and by 12 noon at weekends. All bets are advised to level 1 point stakes and a starting bank of 50 points is suggested as being a sensible kitty.

They say that they average 7-10 bets a week and that they aim to make around 100 points of profit per year and were 72 points up by the end of October.

There is a 7 day free trial available and the normal monthly sub is £42.99.

There was a week around the Christmas/New Year period during which I received no emails at all from them. I emailed asking if they were still working and received a reply saying that they had being experiencing problems with their servers but that service would resume then next week.

True to their word, the service did restart and emails were received for the next 3-4 weeks. Then they stopped again.

I received a selection email on 26/1/16 then nothing for about a week. Again, I emailed asking if they were having problems and was told that the service had been suspended temporarily due to a bereavement and that it would be restarting the next day and would be back to normal from then on.

Obviously, a bereavement takes precedence over everything and you’d have to be a pretty awful person to moan about a week of missing emails when someone is going through that hard a time.

As promised an email did arrive the next day (1/2/16) but I have received nothing at all since then.

Bearing in mind that we started the trial in early December, we were just entering the last month of the 3 month trial, the fact that the bank is around 10 points down (with av odds of 1.77  that’s a long way back) and that this is the third period of no communication, I see no option other than to place this in the FAILED category and wait to see if we hear back from Pav and if there is any point in restarting a trial. A pity, as Pav seems like a very decent chap and it would be good to find a service that targets different sports but, as ever, bottom line profit is the defining criteria.

You can try Pav Sports here:Failed