As part of the PAWS horse-racing service, one also gets access to three additional systems at no extra cost. The systems and official results:

1. Top Secret Naps
 A  system with  a high strike rate and with horses that could be used as multi-bets.  You receive:  TOP SECRET FLAT NAPS; JUMPS NAPS; FLAT Place Only; and  JUMPS Place Only.  Plenty of bets all year.
Results from July 11th to December 4th 2013
Selections 249/ 98 winners
Strike Rate = 39.37%
Total Stakes = 249 points
Profit = 80.39 points
ROI = 32.28%
Results from October 17th to December 4th 2013 (after the method was stiffened)
Selections  47/24 winners
Strike Rate = 51.07%
Total Stakes = 47 points
Profit = 24.17 points
ROI = 51.43%
An each way modality on handicapped chase events
Results from September 1st 2012 to August 27th 2013
To Advised Odds
E.W Only
193 Selections
21 Winners
Strike Rate 10.88%
62 placed (Including Winners)
Strike Rate = 32.12%
Total Outlay 386 points
Profit Plus 43.37 points
ROI = 11.23%
3. Excelsior Win Bets
Handicap Chases.
There are Naps and EW bets.
Results from 22nd October 2012 to 30th April 2013
110 Selections / 46 Winners
Strike Rate 41.82%Level Stakes
110 Points Staked
Profit = 72.44 points
ROI 65.85%
Excelsior and Longbow HC results will be updated in the near future.

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