Overall this service is up by 52.87 points over the 90 day review period. There were 123 bets overall: 105 singles (win or each way) and 18 doubles. 14.9 points profit was from singles and 37.97 points profit was from doubles. The doubles results includes a win each way double of 58.84 points on October 6th at Wolverhampton.

The first two 30 day periods were profitable: +15.85 points, +60.56 points. The last 30 days had a loss of 23.54 points. Note there are very few profitable betting services that never have a losing month.

The profit return on the starting bank is 52.87%. The cost of three months service is £119.97. For a £10 bet per point, this gives a profit of £408.73.

The PAWS site results over the 324 days from Dec. 14th 2011 to 1st November 2012 show a gain of 231.48 points (134.75 points from singles and 96.73  points from doubles). This would correspond on average over 90 days to a gain of 64.3 points (37.43 points from singles and 26.87 from doubles).

So during our trial, in total PAWS has performed on average very similar to the site results; however, on singles worse and on doubles better.

The bets arrive by email usually between 10 and 11 am. Placing bets takes around 5 mins. I placed bets on BOG bookies. The prices advised by PAWS were nearly always available.

I am going to approve this service as it has returned a decent profitable return over the 90 day period.

Number of Days  90
Number of Betting Days 59
Number of Winning Months 2/3
Starting Bank  100 pts
Highest Bank   190.12 pts
Lowest Bank    101.5 pts
Current Bank   152.87 pts
Profit/Loss   +52.87 pts
Return on Bank = + 52.87%
Return on Time = +0.18 pts/min (assumes 5 mins on average per betting day)

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The bank has now doubled from a starting  level of  100 pts to 201.15  pts  after 390 days (end of Sept 13th 2013).

According to the staking instructions:  as the starting bank has now  doubled, the unit bet per race will now be doubled.

Note with the PAWS service:  there are additional profitable services that come as part of the  PAWS subscription for no extra charge.   More details about these services  in due course.

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