What is the system all about? Essentially Jason describes the money markets in terms of “money makers” who essentially drive the markets to certain levels to take out stop losses and then reverse the trades in the opposite direction making a killing in the process. He is able to ascertain where these levels are so we can profit from the same moves the “money makers” make. Please note you can find these levels on your own after a bit of practice but it is helpful to cross check with the daily alerts to check you are accurate.

The system uses lagging indicators to identify the alert levels but they are not necessarily used during the trade although they can be if you wish so don’t be put off by this. The system concentrates on GBPUSD and EURUSD but I see no reason that it couldn’t be applied to other FX pairs.

One thing I don’t like about Jason’s systems is the fact that he then provides analysis the day after which is akin to “here is what you could have won if you had traded it just like this”. This just doesn’t work as there is a certain amount of interpretation of what to do when an a alert level is hit, e.g if the market is hitting the level from below then it should be a sell and when from above a buy but there are enough cases when this just doesn’t happen. A recent addition which is very useful is the inclusion of a beta traders results along with her reasoning for taking trades. I found this very helpful and so will you if you buy the system.

Enough of the bad stuff, this is a sound system with good content and a members area and e-mails are always responded to promptly. I just don’t like the fact that Jason then says you could have made 100 pips on this move if you had the guts to stay in it when in reality you would have had to forsake many alert levels in between to achieve this result!

Ok so final thoughts on this system. But before that a recap on a week which has seen the GBPUSD sit in a tight range on multiple days. You may recall I said way back at the beginning of the trial that this system works better on smaller ‘ranged’ days as the market plays between the alert lines. The same is true of this week, even on the two days where there was a 40 pip range I still made 25 for the day.

On the 25th April it was announced that we were in recession again. What did the market do? It climbed to an alert level and then sold off for up to 100 pips to, you guessed it, another alert level.

I think I have said during most posts that this system works. Is it the holy grail? No, of course not, you still need to make decisions and based on that everyone will get slightly different results. BUT, this is the closest thing that I have seen to date that will put you in areas where you know the market will move from with unbelievable accuracy.

This goes firmly in the “APPROVED” section of the website, and the great thing, as usual is it is risk free as you have a full 30 day money back guarantee.

Give it a go today and you won’t be disappointed.

You can get Payback Trader on a 30 day trial here: