Sorry for the lack of posts last week, I didn’t trade the alerts so haven’t blogged any results. With a quick look back there were some nice tests of some long standing alert lines and plenty of profit could have been taken. The nice thing about the system is in some cases you really can get in on the start of a move and exit at the end (takes some balls but hugely possible).

Yesterday minus 25 pips off the 1.5830 alert for me. Although looking back you could have traded in the opposite direction and made 25 but as stated before this is the only issue with the system you have to draw your own conclusions. This isn’t really a system test where you can say it made x this week or lost y etc. Some people will trade with a 25 sl but a much larger target, others will trade just once a day and then quit regardless of result. Alternatively you could trade every alert line (not recommended). What I can tell you a few weeks in is that the alert lines WORK. The market makers do push the market towards these lines for a big move.

The key to being successful is identifying how far back to use older alert lines and knowing when the bigger moves may occur which is easier said than done. BUT with a bit of practice this could draw a very nice income for those who follow it religiously. I actually had the system two months before the trial began so I know it works. I guess what I am saying is that I will continue to blog but if people want to jump in I wouldn’t put them off purchasing this, especially with its iron clad money back guarantee.