This is a one off review of a service run by the Profitable Betfair Systems website.

PBS is a membership site that costs £29.99 for lifetime access and currently contains 20 different Betfair systems which are all, apparently, profitable.

They recently started providing tips for one of their Lay systems, so I tested this out between 10th of June and 3rd July.

This particular system targets odds on favourites and bets are placed before the off at odds of 1.11 and left to go in play. The idea is that the odds on favourite is very likely to win and therefore should go to a price of 1.11 in running at which point your bet is matched. However, plenty of favourites are pipped at the post which would mean a winning lay at a very good price.

The strike rate is expected to be low, but this is mitigated by the ‘value’ price and the staking plan. The staking plan is basically increasing the stakes by one point after each losing bet, up to a maximum of 15 points, after which you write it off.

I played with £10 per point stakes on a £300 bank. Don’t forget though that bets are only placed at odds of 1.11 so a £10 stake represents £1.10 risk on the bet on level one (then £2.20, £3.30 etc).

Here are the results:

10th June – 3rd July

Bets: 68
Successful: 4
Unsuccessful: 64
Strike Rate: 5.9%
Avg Odds: 1.11
Profit: -£301.96

Unfortunately during my trial there were far too many runs of 15 losers whereby the loss is written off and this meant I bust the bank in about three weeks, which was disappointing.

I asked PBS about this and this was their response:

“I never wanted to start the tips service in the first place, I had always expected people to find their own bets from knowing the system and playing it as and when they decide, rather than stick to tips.

I am more gutted as people only seem to be interested in the systems that are being reviewed rather than our whole website but that’s the way it goes.

With regards to the tips, we have noticed they have turned the other way since starting the service and we can see why too, as we noticed from the start people were putting in high bets at odds just above our 1.11. This is why we never wanted to start the tips service for this idea. We are working on a number of other services but for this website we want to only sell systems memberships and not tips.
We will honour any signups to the tips service and continue to send them, but truth is everyone has left now, and I do not blame them, all ideas in our website work and work well when doing your own thing with them rather than directing hundreds to same tips and stakes and odds, but most systems in our website iron these thing out without tips needed.

I hope I can get more reviews from yourself in the future should we start anything new, but you can be sure it’s all going to be tested for a long period, before we do anything new.”

So there you have it. It appears that the service created its own downfall with too many people laying the same selections at the same price at the same time.

Obviously this goes down as Failed but I shall certainly have a look at the other systems available on their site and run through those to see if any have potential. At £29.95 for lifetime access, we only need to find one good system to pay for it.Failed

You can try the PBS Systems yourself here: