I started this test on 22nd September and although it showed a loss after the first month, I felt there might be some merit in carrying it on for a further month and in fact, it did steady up and recover almost back to level in that time. Thus encouraged, I decided to go for a further month because I did like the feel of the service. The selections arrive promptly, Andrew often gives a small commentary on the previous day and in providing a summary each month, makes no bones about admitting bad days. Sure enough, we did progress in the third month to a small profit of about 5.5 pts (£27.67p on a £400 bank).

Now 5.5 pts in three months is definitely nothing to shout about, especially as the subscription is £137.00 for those three months. Still, Andrew does promise to extend your sub. until you are in profit, though I’m not sure if this means with subs included. Service providers often have a strange way of ignoring subscriptions in their estimate of profits, somehow feeling that they are a separate item, not to be mentioned except on the BUY HERE coupon. I do not agree and have clashed with several in the past on this point.

I doubt if you would lose much money even in bad times with this service but in the light of the subscription cost, I have to say that while the place results limit losses, there will have to be a much higher proportion of winners than I saw ever to hope to get into real profit. In these three months, I received 86 horses; I took early odds, as recommended, but only managed 17 winners from them so the overall picture is not good despite many of them being placed. The results would naturally have been better had we been operating on full stakes but the advice was that only half stakes should be employed throughout this period, so Andrew obviously has his reservations about winter betting.

In light of the fact that the funds would be quite down on the overall position I can hardly give this an Approved rating, despite a small paper profit. However, it didn’t lose any of the bank and I do have an impression that it might pay to look at this again later in the winter or perhaps better still, when the Flat starts, so I’m going to call it as Neutral for now (N.B. See update below)

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UPDATE January 2012

It’s time for an update on this service.

This is a very consistent service and did even better in 2011, with more than 10% more profit than in 2010. If you include the 27.1 points they made at Cheltenham, it turned out to be a very good year indeed.

Here’s the totals for 2011:

Betfair SP              Early prices

Jan +20.77         +27.99
Feb -6.11              +0.28
Mar -9.33              -5.47
Apr +26.03         +33.20
May +3.85           +9.37
Jun -4.47               -1.90
Jul +14.82           +18.87
Aug +6.48           +9.20
Sep +1.58             +3.33
Oct +15.42           +18.20
Nov -14.25            -12.10
Dec +8.91             +11.22

Totals +63.70     +112.19

Clearly taking the early prices is a must, as it usually is with value bets, but I wouldn’t turn my nose up at the SP profits either.

Here’s a couple of testimonials for the service:

“I have been with OPM for two-years this month and started with a betting bank of £4,000 and staked £100 each-way on all OPM selections. My bank has grown to a magnificent £23,200. That’s £19,200 pure profit plus my £4,000 starting balance – despite having endured half-a-dozen losing months along the way. I am obviously delighted, especially as I had a similar amount of £4,000 in my Nationwide savings account and gained a measly £210 in interest over the same period. Not that I would advocate putting all your eggs in one basket of course, but it goes to show the importance of having a diverse investment portfolio. Hope the next couple of years are equally as good!
C. O’Brien”

“I started on Jan 23 last year at £10 ew, gradually built the stakes, withdrew my initial £1000 bank in Oct and am currently up £1,013. So in summary I have DOUBLED my starting bank across the year and am now using bookie’s money.

Goal for this year is to increase that stakes gradually to £50 which will hopefully result in an income of about £5,000 pa assuming a 100 point gain across the year and my taking early prices. That would be fantastic”

Needless to say this goess firmly in the Approved category and should be taken under serious consideration as part of anyone’s betting portfolio.

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