It is some time since I last reported on the progress of the Percentage Form Edge method. This is for good reason. The instructions received on how to use the selections were not fully qualifying in the use of two lists of selections. (I have re-read and as far as I can see this is still the case!). Two lists are supplied : main list and second list.

The ‘main list’ lists selections that are to backed with specific minimum price criteria that must be followed. The ‘second list’ of selections that are advised are suggested, although the primary selection may not have met the required price price criteria to include it in the main list, whilst the other selections do represent good value bets. So, it is up to the user if they chose to participate in races on the second list, because they do carry slightly higher risk.

Early on in May – Denis Hatcher creator of this service sent an email to subscribers who were after qualification on the odds as some of the results he had achieved, were perhaps not the same that others had achieved with their own set of results following the same selections as he. Denis went on to advise that because he does this for a living himself – he has the luxury ( note : I use the term ‘luxury’ loosely in this context!), of monitoring the prices in the suggested races during the day and can take advantage of corresponding price movements to enhance the value these selections have to offer. This could be rather too time intensive a requirement for many. So Denis suggested for those short on time to consider taking early prices using Betfair Sportsbook and thereby making use of their ‘Best Odds Guarantee’ if the selections drift at the off / another alternative was suggested staking in the closing stages of betting before race-off for each race with differing stake amounts according to the price of the selection ….
So, for me to report on BFSP prices as I had been doing for the results I had posted previously – wasn’t too representative of how the service should be implemented.

My personal commitments more recently have made it even more difficult for me to avail myself of the time to record my own personal set of results . So, the simplest way for me to update this service at the present time is to qualify the results of this service thus far, as achieved by Denis himself. Starting from the 14th March which is  where I officially started this review… (I had followed a week or two of these selections in May and the results that I had achieved did correlate to those Denis posted …. so as far as I am concerned, I have little reason to doubt these claimed results)

14th March  – 31st March  : -13.7 pts
1st April – 30th April : + 21.2 pts (win strike rate : 48.4%)
1st May – 31st May : +31.7 pts (win strike rate : 48.1%)

Currently the results tally for this service since the start of the year is 182 pts, (give or take…) which is a pretty commendable result.
So this seems a fairly solid approach to finding value selections in the exchange markets.

One thing that must be remembered like any other service purporting to finding value selections -because the  method uses price indicators  it has to be expected that there will be losing runs from time to time which will test your adherence to this service. Of course, this applies to any betting service that you subscribe to but where you are putting on upto 6 level stake bets per race… a run of losers will make a reasonable dent in your bank balance. If that losing run continues with only a handful of low priced winners during this period it will be sufficient to make the hardiest of mindsets, for a moment perhaps, think  twice about continuing. Denis applies the same rationale in his daily search value  as he did in the trial from last year, so provided you follow the selections taking the best prices you can where possible – over time you should come out on top. As I have hinted already, this will all depend on the time you spend involved in monitoring prices for the suggested races during the day to make the most of price moves and thereby making the betting positions that you take potentially more lucrative.

You may recall that the trial period undertaken last year notched up a profit of 116 pts in a period of 4 months (Avg: 29 pts /month). So, a profit of 182 pts over 5 1/2 months (Avg: 33 pts /month), you cannot deny is showing some consistency month to month….. So, on this basis, I suggest that Percentage Form Edge is Approved.

You can try The Percentage Form Edge here:Approved2