I have been looking at Percentage Price Method, a system costing £89.99 as a one-off payment. As I have had to undergo an emergency operation I am going to end this trial here; with 7332 selections I have more than enough data and it is hard to know how to start!

Firstly this is NOT a system for folks new to horse race betting. The system seeks “value” at the higher odds and the manual states that long chains of losing runs are expected. This was the case with both time periods (more on this later) having losing runs of up to 78 selections. You need to have your psychology in place to see these losing runs through and bank management is also key. Neither aspect is likely for folks new to betting.

Secondly, this is a very hands-on system; you place bets pre-race and then manage these selections until a certain point has been reached after the race has started. This is tricky to learn initially and whilst it becomes easier with practice this is another reason why the system isn’t suitable for newbies.

As the system requires a lot of concentration it isn’t recommended that you attempt to bet on every race. I used two different time slots: the last 2 hours of afternoon racing and, where there were evening races, the entire evening racecard. This produced 3562 bets and 3770 bets respectively, so you can see that the system generates a lot of bets! Bear in mind that the bet management I hinted at above means many times more bets than this were placed but then subsequently cancelled.

Please note that I aimed to manage about 6 bets pre-race and moved up the odds range (to a ceiling) attempting to get this number of bets. Where this didn’t happen I then moved down the odds range (to a floor). 6 (ish) bets is enough to manage and, when starting the system, I’d look for only 3 to 4 until you get a grip on the mechanics.

OK, this system requires a fair bit of work. The payoff is 369 points profit for the afternoon time slot and 238 points profit for evening racing. It is worth the time!

Whilst talking profits my largest drawdown was 100 points. Considering this and the expectation of losing runs I’d be looking at 500 point banks. Hence £1000 bank would allow betting at £2 per point easily absorbing a 100 points drawdown or losing run of 100 selections (both would reduce the bank by only £200). The profits would be £738 and £476 respectively or, to put it another way, 73.8% bank increase and 47.6% bank increase; the system does reward the effort.

You have probably sussed by now that I am going to approve the system.

I am going to drill in to the data a wee bit more though, but you don’t have to read this bit!

Below is a bar chart of the profit and losses for each odds I took.


For afternoon racing I’d ignore any selections where the bet would be placed at odds less than 7. Whilst this has a minimal effect (an extra 4 points) it does mean that you need not hunt the lower odds ranges looking for 6 selections. Removing bets where the bet would be placed at odds over 36 does have a dramatic effect as it adds 111 points bringing the total to 484 points (96.8% increase on bank using the figures above).

For evening racing I’d ignore any selections where the bet would be placed at odds less than 8 and above 48 as this adds a further 113 points bringing the total to 351 points (70.2% increase on bank using the figures above) .

Mind you, the higher odds only need 1 winner and this would turnaround very quickly!

Another way to view this data is to look at whether any particular day is more profitable.

For afternoon racing Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday were profitable, Wednesday and Sunday broke even and Saturday made a loss. Due to the frequency of races Saturdays and Bank Holidays are not recommended to operate this system on.

For evening racing Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday (by evening the frequency of races is very much reduced) were profitable, Sunday broke even and losses were incurred Monday and Thursday.

The following pie charts reflect my data:



In summary then; this is a quite complex system and requires some effort to become proficient at and to operate. It requires a good psychological outlook and strict bank management and therefore it is not recommended for new gamblers. However, if you invest the time the system will reward with a heap of points and nice profits. The system is therefore approved.

You can get the Percentage Price Method here:Approved2