I have an update on the Perpetual-I automated betting robot.

If you remember I got a trial copy on 26th November and put it to work on my virtual server. I decided this time to use the paper trading facility using a test betting bank of £10,000 and leaving the bot to stake the default amounts.

The start of the test hasn’t gone well at all. The first day gave a winning bet, but then the following three days that had a qualifying bet all managed to pick a losing bet and at lay prices in the region of 6.0 losing over £600 in a matter of days.

Then my bot stopped working.

I sent numerous e-mails to the vendors but for one reason or another they remained unanswered. It may have been my own e-mails playing up as I did start to have difficulties before moving host.

Anyway, I therefore wasn’t able to run the bot over the three weeks I went away for Christmas and in fact have only just today managed to get the thing working again after a few e-mails with the vendors this week.

So I checked it today to see how it got on and again it’s managed to pick a losing bet costing another £245 at odds of 5.9.

If this were a backing bot I would be well impressed.

Of course I have no way of knowing how it did over Christmas so I’ll just leave it to run and see what happens over time.

26/11/2010 +£47.50
27/11/2010 -£220
29/11/2010 -£245
04/12/2010 -£270
19/01/2011 -£245

Profit Total: -£932.50