This, as the name suggests, is a golf focused tipping service.

Offered by the Betting Gods stable of tipsters, subscription costs £47 per month with a 15 day trial available for £1.99 and a 3 month membership is available for a discounted £127. A stating bank of 250 points is advised, meaning a bank of £2,500 for our usual £10 per point format.

Tips arrive on a Tuesday morning, giving you plenty of time to get bets on before that week’s tournament begins on the Thursday. The emails are well put together, easy to understand and come with a really decent write up. Bets have, so far, been each way win bets with the price and number of places you should try to get clearly stated. He also includes a minimum acceptable price for each bet. So far, all prices and places quoted have been easily available.

I know absolutely nothing about golf except for the facts that; every 70s BBC sitcom had the main character’s boss playing golf, the sport seems to encourage the wearing of silly trousers, and I got mildly addicted to Tiger Woods EA Sports game on the PS 2, but that was when he was still content with a hole in one…not fifteen… I digress.

Due to the nature of golf betting and the big prices available, we decided to give this a 6 month trial rather than the usual 3 months.

They had an extremely profitable tine last year but, sadly, we have caught them during a fallow period.

We didn’t hit an outright winner until the start of this month when Max Homa brought us a 84 point win.

It’s the fact that we remain another 86 points down that knocks all the fizz out of the champagne.

We’ve had a few decent priced Each Ways but nowhere near enough to warrant extending this any further.