Here’s something you might want to have a play with. It’s a completely free phone app that lets you mine a cryptocurrency called Pi directly on your phone without using up any of your battery or phone resources.

The idea behind it is that you can earn free crypto just downloading it and pressing a button once a day, but if you share it with your social network you can increase the amount you earn, and if you include five trusted people in a group then you earn even more.

The point of this is that they are growing a network of real groups of people that trust each other, and eventually hope to have a huge network which would make their blockchain secure.

At some point the Pi coin will be made available on an exchange so that you can turn it into fiat cash (pounds, dollars etc).

That’s the plan anyway. Whether it’ll work out or not is anybodys guess but seeing as it’s free there’s nothing to lose giving it a go.

We did something similar a few years back with a crypto called Electroneum, and many CashMaster readers went on to sell their free coins for quite a nice profit. In fact that one is still going and I still have a few thousand of those coins ready to sell if the price ever gets interesting again.

Anyway, have a play with Pi Network and see what you think.

You can download it for free here