I’ve been asked for an update on PIE and how I’ve been getting on
with the method.

If you don’t know what PIE is, then check it out here:


Basically, since the method only requires about 10 minutes a month
to operate, there’s not a lot for me to talk about in terms of my
own trading. It’s been going along nicely, exactly as expected…
well, better than I expected actually, and I’ve already made a
nice, safe £1,326.59 using the minimum balance. Plus I’ve now moved
extra funds into my account so that I can step it up going forward,
and I’ve sold one of my investment properties and accepted an offer
on another so that I can put the money to better use in PIE rather
than having to deal with the hassle of tenants anymore.

It’s taken me probably around half an hour in total working the
method and at no time was I in the slightest bit worried about what
was happening in the markets. And this at a time when the Euro is
looking shaky, Greece is looking like it’s going to default, and
there’s a very real possibility of Spain and Italy going to the
wall, bringing down the Euro with it.

Who knows what’s going to happen? Well, I certainly don’t, but what
I do know is that it won’t affect what I’m going to earn with the
PIE method this year, or any year going forward.

I say again, this is the BEST thing I’ve ever seen, the only
trading method I do now, and something that has a very exciting

Why is the future so exiting with this?

Well, something I haven’t mentioned up to now, at least I don’t
think I’ve mentioned yet, is what is available to bigger traders.
The broker we use for this, Interactive Brokers, has special terms
for anyone with £200,000 or more in their account. Basically they
will lend you £1,000,000 to trade with at 2.4% interest.

I realise for a lot of people this may sound like big boy stuff,
and I suppose it is, but the thing with this is, as we know we
don’t risk our trading capital with the PIE method, all we would
really be doing is exactly what we’re already doing but with bigger

I do know that two of the delegates that have had the PIE training
are ready to go in with £200K already.

The reason should be obvious.

They put in £200K, make use of the £1m credit facility, and within
a year they could withdraw £360,000 (30% of £1,200,000). Within
three years they’ve made a cool £1 million profit and using mostly
other people’s money, and spending only 10-15 minutes a month
operating it… without risking their capital.

This may sound like pie in the sky stuff but it’s very real and
it’s something I fully intend to do myself once I have sufficient
funds in my account.

Of course, there’s absolutely nothing stopping anyone starting out
with the minimum balance and rolling over their profits,
compounding the returns up to £200K over the next few years, and
then they’d be sitting on a very nice pension pot with an annual
income that should be enough for anyone.

So who’s been on the course so far and what did they think?

Well the types of people are varied and so far delegates have

– Two airline pilots
– A professional gambler
– A solicitor
– Two computer professionals
– A physics lecturer
– Two engineers
– Two retired gentlemen from the police force
– Two investment professionals from the city
– A builder
– An industrialist
– An electrical engineer
– A musician
– An Independent financial advisor

And generally people from all different walks of life looking to
secure their financial future.

Here’s a few (edited) e-mails that Paul or Glynn have received:

“Hi Paul, Glynn
> Thanks for these docs Paul, I’ll print them out and add them to
> the manual. I would just like to say that I really enjoyed the course
> today and feel I got a lot out of it.
> Day 1 and I know already that I’m on the right track.
>(edited for confidentiality)
> So thanks again for a very enjoyable and worthwhile course, I’ll try
> to curb my enthusiasm and follow your training recommendations in
> chapter
> 17 to the letter. I must say it’s a very professional looking manual
> as well.
> My plan of action this week and next is to read and re-read every page
> of the manual and open an account with IB.
> Best wishes,
> Simon”

“Yes I enjoyed the course and I am recommending you. I have spoken
to a few people up here already – I really want to show them a
couple of months statement so they can see I am making money at it.

I made 2.1% on the above positions, a nice start!

kind regards


“Hello Paul

I would like to thank you and Glynn for an informative and
enjoyable course.

The time went very quickly so was an indication of how interesting
I found it.

I am going on holiday for two weeks at the end of next week so wont get
much PIE in. I’ll get my account set up before I go and get stuck
in to some paper trading when I return.

Thanks again.


“PIE is good, have funded an IB account so I am putting my money
where my mouth is when I say it is a sound methodology. Given that
most professional traders I know have unwound risk at the moment to
the point of barely trading, its low risk nature has very timely

All the best,


I’ve said from the start that this is genuinely life changing.
Knowing that your future is financially secure is an amazing
feeling. You don’t need to win the lottery, you just need to take
action, get educated, and take control of your future.

As Derek Bok, former Harvard University President said:

“If you think education is expensive, you should try ignorance.”

For more information have a look here: