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“Dear Glynn

I have attended several FOREX courses looking for the know how to learn to trade. The courses I attended varied but all gave the impression, quickly confirmed, that the course providers did not trade their own money and were looking to hard sell these courses with no interest or commitment to my success. It was very like the worst of experiences in buying a used car.

I thought long and hard before investing in my PIE course and have been very impressed with your commitment and the real feeling that you were offering something of substance with a lasting interest in my success. It was a relief to me that my expectation has been more than fulfilled and in contrast to my earlier experiences.

PIE is the Rolls Royce of courses.

Thank you!


“Yes I’m loving PIE, It must be about 5 years since I sat the course and it’s been fantastic throughout. I’m also trading about £50k of my dads money on his behalf and he is very happy too (although he isn’t the best on computers and I’m not sure he really understands what’s going on, he just likes to see the numbers go up).

PIE is a huge part of my retirement plan and I’m very grateful that I found you guys!

Dave. “

“I thought I would send you an update as to how my trades are going. Since I started trading I have had 12 trades, 11 ‘wins’ and 1 still open…

My only regret is that I didn’t find you sooner!

Best Regards

“A big thank you to both of you for not only the most interesting investing training course I’ve ever come across but also for your approachability and the easy manner in which you conducted the seminar.

All the very best for the future and keep enjoying your golf,

Kind regard

“I love the PIE program, I think the potential is incredible, I have had 20 winning trades so far, it really suits my trading. Regards Terry”

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