Earlier in 2012 I was contacted by a man called Glynn who told me he had developed a system that makes up to 30% per year with just 10 minutes a month effort.

Obviously I immediately assumed this was yet another of the endless stream of hyped up systems that pass over my desk on a daily basis.

I didn’t give it a second thought until he invited me to meet him, in person, so that he could show me his trading statements to prove what he said was true. He repeated that all his money was made without ever losing.

And he’d made a LOT of money.

I have to admit this intrigued me and so I decided to give him a call.

After chatting with him for twenty minutes on the phone, I booked my ticket and the next day I found myself in sunny Sheffield where I met Glynn and his business partner Paul.

What happened next changed my life.

It turns out that he is a qualified financial advisor who has lectured on investments and financial markets.

He has well over 30 years experience of financial markets and throughout that time he has traded Unit trusts, Investment trusts, stocks & shares, Options, Futures, FOREX, CFD’s and ETF’s. He was personally mentored by a private fund manager who specialised in the American financial futures market and for a while he operated exclusively in that field.

Now he mostly plays golf.

After the exchange of pleasantries and cups of tea, we got down to business and the very first thing Glynn did was produce a stack of trading statements, all showing his exact trades and, importantly, profits.

Of course this was impressive but that was just the beginning. He then asked me to sign a non-disclosure agreement because, understandably, he wanted to protect himself. The NDA must have been about ten pages long and basically meant that if I breathed a word of what I was about to learn, I would be stuffed.

Fine with me, I signed it.

Nothing could have prepared me for what I learned that day. To say I was blown away is the understatement of the year.

You see the fundamental problem with most methods of trading and investing is that the investor/trader must be correct in his market view. The market must move in your favour in order to profit and, as we all know, markets can be extremely volatile and unpredictable.

Any investors success or otherwise is therefore at the mercy of factors totally outside his or her control.

Glynn wanted to find a way past the unpredictability of market movement so decided to concentrate on developing a strategy that produced a profit REGARDLESS OF WHETHER THE MARKET MOVED UP OR DOWN. After many false starts and much refining, by early 2010 he thought he had cracked it.

By mid 2010 HE KNEW HE HAD.

Well, Glynn taught me his strategy that day and on my way home that evening it dawned on me that I now had an answer to a question that I get asked almost every day…. If all else failed and I had to choose just ONE method to make my living, what would it be?

It would be this one!

So what exactly is it?

Well for a start, this strategy DOES NOT:-

– Invest directly in shares. Buying shares is a gamble because you are at the mercy of factors outside your control. No matter how well informed or how well researched your investment may be, anything can and will happen. You need your chosen share price to move up and of course, as all the advertisements tell you, the price can also go down! Unless you are lucky, very knowledgeable, or have inside information you are simply relying upon fate to determine whether your investment makes a profit or a loss.

– Involve Forex

– Buy anything and HOPE you are right. No hoping that that mining company strikes gold or oil. No hoping that the pharmaceutical company gets a license for its latest wonder drug. No hoping the pound moves against the dollar etc.

– Get involved with complex formulas that are difficult to understand and often don’t work.

– Rely on any wishful thinking.

– Require interpretation of any market signals/indicators

So none of that is involved, instead…

– It is very simple to do and takes just minutes per month to operate leaving you free to enjoy your life.

– It can be used to generate income, capital growth or both.

– It is totally flexible so you can operate it to suit your own personal needs.

– It can be actively managed for greater profits or simply actioned once a month and monitored.

– It generates consistent profit. It’s never had a month which failed to produce a profit despite the most volatile market conditions.

– Results are consistent because of a known factor that repeats itself month after month. There’s no hoping or guessing whatsoever.

– It makes money regardless of how the markets perform. It doesn’t matter whether markets go up or down!

– You are in control of your money at all times.

– You don’t give your money to anyone. You run your own account.

– You can try it in practice mode for as long as you wish before investing your actual capital.

Sounds good? It is good. Very good.

Last month one of Glynns students made £11,000 with this. He withdrew £4000 and left the rest in so that next month he can make even more.

But that’s not the half of it.

I’m going to drill down into the actual profits this method produces. Profits made without worrying which way the market is going to move, and without spending hours staring at charts or indicators.

You’re going to see why I KNOW this is my personal pension plan and why I’m never going to have to worry about my financial future, even when I fully retire. This is something that has changed my life, the lives of Glynn and his family and friends, and could potentially change your life too.

Put simply, this is the best thing I’ve ever seen, and what I would call a ‘proper’ investment income.

I’ve had a lot of questions and comments and I’ll address those below but for now, let me drill into it in a little more detail.

First, let’s compare the most popular investment choices:

– PUT IT IN THE BANK… and get a steady but derisory 0.1%. That’s nice and safe but unfortunately your standard of living will be going down because essential bills such as energy are going up 10%-15% and inflation is generally going up 2%-3%. The harsh reality is that this option is untenable. It makes no sense to continue getting 0.1% PER YEAR whilst your bills are going up more than that. A reduction in your standard of living or a requirement for other means of income is inevitable.

– INVEST WITH TRADITIONAL INSTITUTIONS. Many of us have discovered that although we are programmed to believe that giving our money over to these types of “experts” is the sensible thing to do, the realisation is dawning that actually they are just gambling with our money. They have teams of experts and banks of computer models to help them form considered and calculated opinions, but at the end of the day they are taking a view on the market/a stock and HOPING they are right and as we have we have seen many, many times, no one can know what will happen tomorrow or even today. In 2010 Paul’s personal choice of expert fund kindly turned £20,000 of his money into £17,000 in one year and charged him a fee for doing it. Even if you do like he did and pick a top performing fund at the time, there is no guarantee that they will continue to generate profit. According to research by the Vanguard group, picking a consistently top performing fund is difficult because funds at the top of the tables don’t often stay there. In fact the UK equity funds that were ranked in the top 20% from 2002 to 2006 were almost as likely to end up in the bottom 20% over the next 5 year period!

– ANNUITY. Nice and safe but that is reflected in the relatively low rates available.

– BUY-TO-LET PROPERTY. This has been the choice investment for years. However, times have changed. Capital growth is negligible, if at all, and will be for a long time. Property values soared due to loose lending policies which proved disastrous to the banks. Tighter lending regulations and wary banks mean we are not likely to see a return to “easy” money any time soon. If people can’t borrow, people can’t buy and the whole property ladder stagnates as we are seeing. The rental market is buoyant but typical returns are only 6% p.a gross. With asset growth likely to be low for years, the potential of aggravation from tenants, late/non payments and having to maintain the property, it’s clear that property is now a poor investment… and of course it is very, very difficult to quickly get your money out. Also, new taxes on Buy-to-Let landlords in the UK negates much of the profit if the property is mortgaged.

So what’s the alternative?

Ideally we want an investment vehicle that:

– Makes money whether the markets go up or down (or sideways!)
– Allows us immediate access to our funds

The Intelligent Investment Strategy was developed and refined by Glynn to do just that. He is more than happy to show genuinely interested parties his trading statements to prove his consistent profits and, whilst he’s not promising overnight riches, he’s currently, and safely, achieving an average return on capital of 2.4% per month which equates to around 31% per year.

This is simply incredible.

Despite the most volatile and unpredictable market conditions for many years where trillions have been wiped off company/pension values and many professional investment funds have lost fortunes for their clients, this strategy made a profit every month.

And those profits can be withdrawn, or rolled over for capital growth, or both. You are always in full control of your money. The long term capital growth potential of this method is simply staggering and I have already mentioned one of Glynns students who is now making a considerable monthly income whilst growing his capital at the same time.

Also, the amount of time required to operate this method can be as little as ten minutes a month.

Now can you understand why I see method this as my personal pension plan?

So what are they offering exactly?

Glynn and Paul are offering to teach their method to suitable candidates in a one day master class in which there will be only 4-5 students to ensure each student gets the necessary attention.

I’ve already told you about Glynn and Pauls experience and qualifications. One thing I didn’t mention was that Glynn also has a Certificate of Education from Sheffield Hallam University… he’s trained and qualified to teach adults.

Unfortunately though, not everyone will be eligible for this training.

Before you can even register you will be required to speak to Glynn or Paul personally by telephone.

This is for two reasons. Firstly, it will give you an opportunity to get any and all questions you may have answered there and then. Secondly, it will allow Glynn or Paul the opportunity to determine whether or not the training would be right for you. They are not interested in training anyone that they feel may not be able to use what they’ve learned, or would struggle to understand how to do it. They want each student to complete the course with a full understanding of how to work the method.

Of course, it comes with full back up support after the training, and you’ll find that once you’ve learned the basic method, there are advanced strategies for those interested in being more pro-active with the method (and of course making more money from it!).

Here are some of the frequently asked questions I’ve had:

Q) If this is so good, why does he need to sell it?
A) He doesn’t. In fact it wasn’t even his idea to sell it. Glynn is semi retired and spends a lot of time playing golf. Operating the method takes up little of his time so when he was asked if he would be interested in teaching others his method, for a fee of course, it seemed like a good idea. Not only is he helping others achieve financial freedom, he’ll be rewarded for doing so. Keeps him off the golf course for a bit too!.

Q) Is it tax free?
A) This is not spread betting or gambling or anything to do with Betfair. This is trading real financial instruments through a real FSA Regulated broker. Depending on where you reside there are usually tax liabilities on income. I’m looking into whether this can be used as a SIPP.

Q) Is this Forex?
A) This is nothing to do with Forex or signal services. You will be shown a method of trading whereby you make money whichever way the market moves, or even if the market doesn’t move at all. Once you’ve learned the method you’ll have that skill for life. There will be no need to ever subscribe to signal services, or take a gamble on which way the markets are going to move. You will have the ability to control your own financial destiny and you’ll never need to rely on fund managers to tell you where to invest for the future. In short, you will be taking control of your own financial future and once you’ve understood how this works, you’ll wish you had known about this a decade ago!

Q) How much will this cost?
A) The training will cost a one-off fee of £2,997.

Q) Where will be master classes be held?
A) The first two will be in Glynns home town in Sheffield. After that, he will look into hosting them at hotels in the major cities.

Q) How do I find out more?
A) If this is something that might interest you then the next step would be to speak to Paul or Glynn personally.

Full details available here:


To contact Paul, simple send him an e-mail at: [email protected]

Or telephone: 07407 780834

Or contact Glynn directly on: 07905 906 399

I know this is going to be a life changing event for many of you.

Here’s some testimonials:

“I had my days seminar on PIE yesterday and enjoyed meeting all my fellow aspiring traders . Glynn and Paul were very keen to ensure we all understood things as we went along and I felt totally confident that they would be available from now on if I should need their help. Money well spent in my opinion.” RD

“Hello Paul and Glynn,I am sorry that I have been unable to write to you before now. However, I would like to thank you both for a very enjoyable day and a very interesting and informative course at Rotherham on Tuesday 4th September. Thank you Glynn for the lifts to and from Rotherham to Sheffield.

I am 64 years old, and could be described as a cautious investor. I have always bought shares, unit trusts and investment trusts for the long-term and I viewed income from dividends as an important means of increasing Capital when re-invested. I did not invest in risky Technology shares or Trusts, and so I was unaffected when those type of investments crashed 95% in value. I couldn’t go wrong with that sort of approach, could I ?

Unfortunately, it came to light that “rock solid” Blue Chip investments such as Banks, which were usually highly recommended by advisors and brokers had been reckless with their lending and borrowing policies, and we all know what happened next. Not only did Banking and financial shares plummet in value and suspend dividend payments, but many unit trusts and investment trusts fell heavily in value because they were heavily invested in financial shares, although they continued to charge their Annual fees which added insult to injury.

Some banking shares such as Bradford and Bingley became totally worthless! Interest rate for cash ISAs are a fraction of what they used to be and some experts think that the Bank of England base rate will fall from 0.50% to 0.25% in the foreseeable future, while the rate of inflation will increase sharply if there is QE3 (further money printing).

Your course has completely challenged the way that I think, and I will have to learn a different approach of lateral thinking. I am still a cautious person at heart, but if I could eventually learn to trade an Annual rate of Capital increase of above 18%, then I would be more than happy. I am looking forward to getting started as you recommend, but I must confess to being somewhat nervous about how I will handle a “black swan” day.

I am in the process of selling some of my investments to generate the capital required to open an account with Interactive Brokers.

I hope that I have not rambled on for too long in this e-mail and please accept my apologies if I have.

Many thanks and best wishes” RB

“Thanks for a great day and the start of something very good indeed. Listening to the other people on the day, between us we have tried most of the systems on the market and been mostly disappointed. It was a really nice change to meet “real” people and see “real” trading statements.” MG

“Thanks very much to both you and Glynn for such an excellent course on Tuesday and I can honestly say that I understood everything. Well, no questions yet anyway, although I’m sure there will be once I start opening an account. I much appreciated the way you made sure that everybody understood everything each step along the way.

Many thanks also for picking me up from the hotel and dropping me off at the station,it made things so much easier not to mention cheaper.

I’m just about to open an account so we’ll see how that goes,

once again,many thanks” ST

“Paul I just want to take the time to say a huge thank you for the ongoing support following the course and offer a few words to provide comfort to those who might be thinking about getting involved.

The course itself was a real eye opener and I have no doubt that with experience I will find a way out of the rat race by slowly compounding my gains and building my bank. Not only will I benefit personally and find a way of achieving that work-life balance but I will be able to pass on the knowledge to my children.

I found the style of presentation to be hugely interactive and I was itching to start when I got home. The process of opening an account took a little while longer than I was expecting but I am now well on my way and placing trades.

My first trade yielded a profit of just short of £50 in about a week and I am now sitting on a trade yielding a return of £230. Not bad returns for minimal effort. Both Paul and Glynn are more than happy to explain why they have taken a particular position and have actually prompted me to tell them where I am at in the market, which shows how genuine they really are.” Andy

“Hi Paul, it’s Craig. Been away for 3 weeks but just wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for the opportunity to attend the PIE course at the end of July. Really enjoyed the course and am looking forward to setting things up and changing my life for the better. I’ll keep in touch and let you know how I get on. Thanks again, Craig”

“Just wanted to say thank you again for Tuesday, it was a thoroughly enjoyable and absorbing day and a pleasure to meet you both. I think the way you structured the course was great, as although I wasn’t totally confident that I would be able to grasp the strategy at the start, as the day went on, it all clicked into place and became clear as a bell, and I now feel confident that I will be able to use it for years to come without any problem. Many Thanks Jimmie”

“Thank you both for a most informative course yesterday. It was refreshing to find a method that despite its apparent simplicity, is able to make safe and reliable monthly profits! Thanks again for a great day – I would hope to meet up with you both again in the future.” GT

“I would like to thank you guys for really informative and enjoyable course. The strategy is simple yet ingenious and I feel confident that future looks good for myself and family. You hear about so many scams in the investment world that it was joy to find two very sincere, approachable and friendly chaps who really care that you succeed just as they have using the PIE system. I am looking forward to trading the system and will keep you posted with regards to my progress. Thanks again. Regards Cheg”

“I have seen, used, and even perfected my own systems for trading using some of the best advice money can buy, but this system trumps them all hands down! Not only were they great guys, but their system is just genius on so many levels!

This is a system that will turn a very, very healthy and consistent return on your money with no risk attached, whether the markets go up or down. It is so simple you don’t even need trading experience either, just follow the rules. The best thing of all is it doesn’t tie you down to a computer for hours a day, which I have found with so many other systems, just 10 minutes a month is all it takes leaving plenty of time to enjoy a comfortable life. A big thank you, just brilliant!”