Well, the three month trial is over and in the last three days there have been 3 further selections on the Low Lays system (one of which won, unfortunately).

Final Figures are:

Selections – 30

Winners   –   7

Losers     –  23

Strike Rate – 76.6%

Current Bank £491.90

Overall Loss – £8.10 (4.05 points)


The Bullet Lays produced one more selection which lost so the final figures are:

Selections  –  15

Winners    –    7

Losers       –   8

Strike Rate –  53.3%

Current Bank – £520.40

Overall profit  – £20.40 (2.04 points).

As I said earlier I don’t think the last 3 months have produced as many selections as a normal quarter may do, and I’ve no wish to be unkind, so all I would really say is that the jury is still out as far as these are concerned.