Final Review Pinpoint Lays – Low Lays

Test period 17/12/2009 – 8/9/2010

This is the final review of the Low Lay system I first started testing almost 10 months ago. To date there have been 70 selections, not an enormous number I would say, particularly as the system seems to be slowing almost to a halt with only one qualifying selection in the last 5 weeks. Out of the 70 lay bets 16 of the horses have won and 54 have lost which, if my maths serves me right, is a strike rate of 77%, not great as most laying systems claim over 80% as a strike rate. Anyway I started with a £500 bank with bets of £2.00 and this now stands at £487, a loss of some 6½ points, not disastrous but not an unqualified success either. My honest view is that there is no point in following this system based on the results I have experienced. A fail I’m afraid.

Final Review Pinpoint Lays – odds on Bullet Lays

Test period 17/12/2009 – 8/9/2010

This is the final review of the Bullet Lays system which involves laying horses with a Betfair SP of less than 2.0. The system did change part way through the test period to backing in running but I stuck with the original format existing when I started. Over 10 months it has provided a grand total of 19 qualifying selections (non in the last 6 weeks so that’s slowing down also). Out of the 19 selections 10 of the horses have won and 9 have lost, a strike rate of 47%. I’m not sure but I think this would be about average if you laid every horse that was odds on. On a more positive note my starting bank of £500 (lay bets of £10) now stands at the princely sum of £508.70 a gain of almost one point (not enough to float my boat I’m afraid). I would have to judge this system as absolutely neutral in that one winning horse could see the system showing a loss rather than a small profit.

Paul Beaumont

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