Hello all

I’ve been invited by Graham to test the above system, one which highlights lay bets in horse racing. There are three categories of lays covered by the system and they are:

Low Lays – the main selections

Loose Lays – a second group of selections the author is trialling

Bullet Lays – odds on lays

The selections are posted on the author’s website at about midday every day and are listed under each category. Horses in the first two categories qualify if the BF starting price is 6.00 (5/1) or less and in the third category if they are less than 2.0 at BF starting price, so therefore the bets can be placed as soon as the qualifiers are known with the corresponding limit’s placed on each of them.

The author recommends stakes that represent a liabilty of between 1% and 5%  of the total bank and I have decided that the maximum liability for the test I will carry out will be 2% of the bank for the first two categories. In other words using a bank of £500, I will lay bets @ £2 (the maximum liability @ 5/1 being £10, 2% of the total bank). Obviously for a lot of selections the liability will be less. With the third category, I will again use a bank of £500 and, as they will always be odds on, my stake will again be 2% of the bank, i.e. £10 with the maximum liabilty being £10, often times less than that.

I will run this test for three months, as best I can every day, and publish the results on the Cashmaster site. I have the results for Dec. 17th and 18th and I will publish these tomorrow.

Paul Beaumont