I am looking at a ForEx trading service called Piptastic, specifically the “Trading for Maximum Profit” product that sells for £49.99, which is run by Damon Elliott.

So far what I have received is very impressive. The PDF is well written and the supporting videos are very helpful. I am almost tempted to do a one-off Approved rating, I am that impressed!

New traders should also consider investing in “Trading Psychology for the Home Trader” selling at £19.99 as the correct attitude is a major component to successful trading. My discs are in the post and I’ll provide feedback on this later.

Further the Piptastic membership, 6 Months Subscription £69.99 (equal to £11.67per month), is well worth the investment too as this gives access to forums, live chat rooms, 1-2-1 Personal Coaching, webinars and a whole host more. Yes, you could do it off the PDF but so much more support is available for just a little bit more.

Other options such as full membership and weekend seminars are also available.

I have been playing with “Trading for Maximum Profit” last week, and I am very impressed. Going forward in to the trial I am going to take Damon’s advice and aim for 10 pips per day. As per cash masters standard though, I will stick at £10 per pip and I will not be compounding. I am limiting myself to two sessions: 8am London time to noon and 1:30pm London time to 4pm. Hopefully I will get my pips early and won’t need the second session.

Damon concentrates on two markets, EUR/USD and FTSE100, so I will do the same for the trial.

Usual caveats apply:

Trading ForEx is discretionary; I’ll see trades other people won’t and miss trades that they take. We all read the market differently; therefore your results will be different from mine. Further, I am experienced trader with over 4 years’ experience. Although I try my best not to colour my trials with this experience it is impossible to remove it completely.

However, with this product we should see and read the market the same, so hopefully there won’t be too much variance.

I am also looking at other Piptastic products; with these it is important to find one that you are comfortable with. For me Mega Method 2 (MM2) seems to suit my personality so I will also look for additional trades on a secondary account using this.  However, the trial will be analysed using the main account trades.

As normal for my trials of ForEx, I will be looking at a 3-month trial with results recording at the end of the working week.

You can get Trading For Profit here:


Or all other Piptastic products here: