This is a system that, as the name suggests, bets in the place market on Betfair. It used to cost £40 per month and was very popular. Historical results are impressive and it’s percentage of stake approach managed to turn a £500 starting bank into £17,202.02.

The system has now been made available for free and you can download it here.

It takes roughly 20 minutes a day to go through the cards and find qualifiers but, even better, you can now completely automate the whole process with a nifty bot that runs on your Windows PC or VPS.

You install it on your computer or VPS and then you register your license key. You choose what stakes you want to use; whether that’s absolute stakes or percentage of bank; and whether you want to run the software in simulation mode or live.

You can check the historical bets tab to see how you’re getting on at any point. If you’d had this software when the system was first launched, you’d have turned a bank of £500 into over £17,000 without actually doing anything aside from funding your Betfair account in the first place, and pressing the start button on the software.

The bot costs just £79 for a full year with no recurring billing and a two week no quibble refund guarantee.

As usual, I downloaded this onto my VPS and am ran it with a £500 starting bank.

I ran the bot for four full months and unfortunately the results were not good. After an initial encouraging start for the first week or so the losing bets just kept coming and the system has been in deficit ever since.

The percent of bank staking plan certainly protected the bank from being completely wiped out however, it also means that it would take a phenomenally good run just to get the bank back on an even keel, as stakes are now lower.

After four months I lost £305 of the £500 bank.

Clearly the wheels have come off of this system and it seems pointless to continue.

Unfortunately this goes down as a Failed.

You can download the system for free, or try the bot completely risk free here:Failed